TDCM Chapter 81: Power That Destroys A Troop Of Thousands

“Bring it on!”

In the water, Ye Chenyuan slowly rose up and blocked Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s path.

When he heard the miserable shrieks of his subordinates coming from the island, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch attacked him mercilessly.

As they were locked in a fierce struggle, on the island, Yuan Chu beat everyone to the ground with one move and headed for the stone array.

Rays of light coursed through the stone array, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s divine sense was also on it. Yuan Chu reached a hand towards it. Just then, fourth elder, the only person who could still move when suppressed by the forces of gravity, suddenly launched a sneak attack.

Unfortunately for him, Yuan Chu seemed to have eyes on her back and she abruptly turned around and held his neck in a stranglehold. That face that belonged to Wan Ling’er was ice-cold and there was a lack of emotion in her eyes as she looked at him.

The fourth elder couldn’t understand why Wan Ling’er was so powerful. Didn’t they say that this princess didn’t have anything besides her Pure Yin Physique?

But before he could finish this train of thoughts, Yuan Chu exerted strength in her hand and with a snap, his neck was broken and he died.

Mu Jinrou who was still tied up but whose silence spell had been undone, suddenly gave a loud cry, saying fearfully, “Why did you kill him?”

She recognised this person. He was her husband’s most capable subordinate, but he ended up being killed so easily.

Anguished wails filled the place. The single move that Yuan Chu previously made had crushed the bones of the nearly one hundred people who were guarding the stone array. Only, they had yet to die and were wailing mournfully as they lay on the ground. This contrast made Yuan Chu, who was dressed in blue, look like a demon!

Hearing this, Yuan Chu suddenly turned around to face her, flashing her a small smile. That smile made Mu Jinrou’s hair stand on end and she felt a chill from the soles of her feet to the top of her head.

This girl that they said had been captured and brought here because of her Pure Yin Physique, what kind of monster was she?

“Do you think that I’m very good-tempered?” Yuan Chu gave her a sidelong glance, looking at her askance, “Keep wailing and the next thing that’ll be breaking will be your neck.”

Mu Jinrou was frightened by her cold words and didn’t dare to speak anymore. She could only hope that her husband would be able to defeat this monster.

Yuan Chu looked at the stone array in front of her and pressed her hand on it. With a push of her palm, a crack appeared on the stone array that had appeared indestructible. At the same time, the sound of something cracking came from the sky above the islet. Yuan Chu looked up to see that there was a crack on the protective boundary above her.

If the stone array was destroyed, seawater would rush in. Besides the several hundred b*stards on this island, there were also many innocent women. Yuan Chu frowned, but a relaxed smile soon appeared on her face.

She stood with her feet apart and firmly rooted to the ground. Spiritual energy surged from her body. Since her reincarnation, this was probably the first time she was using her full powers.

Light blue coloured spiritual energy started spreading from her feet and branching in all directions. Although Mu Jinrou didn’t know what she was doing, she could feel that the ground beneath her was shaking.

At the same time, all the people that were on the ground suddenly vomited blood. It wasn’t clear if they were dead or alive. If Mu Jinrou wasn’t wrapped in Yuan Chu’s spiritual energy, she would’ve also been wounded by her formidable and unmatched Nascent Soul aura.

The ground started to shake even more violently and this was obviously felt by Hunyuan Demon Patriarch from outside.

Then his expression turned grim. Nascent Soul, it was a Nascent Soul that was stronger than him!

The light blue spiritual energy would soon envelope the whole islet. Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s eyes were bloodshot. Yet, that wretched Foundation Building young man kept blocking his way regardless of how severe his injuries got.

Suddenly, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch bit the tip of his tongue, then his entire body started to swell.

Ye Chenyuan also felt Yuan Chu’s aura. In his sea of consciousness, Venerable Li was slightly breathless with wonder, “Goodness gracious, is this Little Chu’s actual strength? I couldn’t tell that she’s actually that strong!”

However, Ye Chenyuan couldn’t afford to be distracted right now. A handful of medicinal pills appeared in his hand and he ate them like candy. Numerous defensive magic treasures spun around him. If it weren’t for these, he wouldn’t have been able to hold off Hunyuan Demon Patriarch for so long.

But in the next second, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch started to swell, and just like a snake, his body started to elongate.

He gritted his teeth and shouted, “Die! —— Ray of Evil!”

A destructive beam of light hurtled towards him. At this moment, Ye Chenyuan truly felt threatened by the prospect of death.

However, behind him was the Kun that was helping him to bite down on the islet. He couldn’t dodge, he could only face it.

“Dragon Shield!”

These two words were spoken in a soft voice. Then, in front of him, besides seven pieces of defensive magic treasures, an additional twelve yellow rings of light appeared. However, in the next second, they dimmed when struck by the black ray of light and ten of Ye Chenyuan’s Dragon Shields were consecutively broken through with overpowering force.

“No! Quick get out of the way! With your current strength, you won’t be able to withstand it!”

Ye Chenyuan heard Venerable Li’s agitated voice but he didn’t move away.

“No! Master is controlling the array. Once I move away, the Kun will die and the islet will start moving again. Master will suffer a backlash if she fails to control it!”

A steely glint flashed through his eyes and he gritted his teeth as he put all his spiritual energy into strengthening the last two Dragon Shields. With a “crack”, another was broken. One thin piece of Dragon Shield remained in front of him.

“You must die!” Hunyuan Demon Patriarch had become irrational and he put all his energy into strengthening his ray of light. Ye Chenyuan vomited a mouthful of blood but he didn’t dodge it at all. However, the Dragon Shield in front of him inevitably cracked, seeming like it would soon shatter.

“Little Yuan! Move away, quick!”

“No!” Ye Chenyuan swallowed another handful of medicinal pills with a determined look in his eyes.

“I won’t allow anyone to hurt master, ever!”

Meanwhile, Yuan Chu seemed to have sensed all of these and her tightly shut eyes flew open. Instantly, the halo of light between her hands became extremely bright.

“Power that moves mountains! Rise!”

The girl’s resolute voice contained a force that could compel a troop of thousands. Her hands raised slowly and in an instant, the stone array was fully under her control and the whole islet started to rise rapidly.

A wave of seemingly tangible spiritual energy rippled from Yuan Chu’s body and pierced through the protective boundary before slamming into Hunyuan Demon Patriarch.

He was forced to stop his attack. Ye Chenyuan had also reached his breaking point and it was practically at the same moment where his last Dragon Shield vanished, that the Ray of Evil disappeared. He then spat out another mouthful of blood.

Yuan Chu had raised the whole islet by herself. Hunyuan Demon Patriarch couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this.

No, it’s not possible! He had chanced upon the demon concealing array and it was an array that could trap even Astral Realm cultivators. How could a Nascent Soul possibly control it by force?

No matter how impossible he thought it was, the islet continued to rise rapidly. The Kun had initially been lifted together with it before it was frightened and quickly let go, keeping a distance from it.

In the next second, the whole islet broke through the water.

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on Yuan Chu’s face as she put down her hands. The blue spiritual energy that had spread across the whole island gathered in the sky above the islet and formed a huge sword that hung upside down.

With a firm downward wave of her hand, “Power that breaks a thousand barriers, destroy!”

As she commanded, the huge sword plunged downwards with an unprecedented imposing manner.

Instantly, the islet’s protective boundary —— broke!

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  1. Thank you for picking up this novel. I’ve been following this novel for years, watching it get picked up but then dropped. 😭

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  2. Thanks for the chapter ~
    hmmm I don’t have a good feeling about chenyuan’s mother…..She’ll either die shielding a hit to the patriarch, or she’ll blame them for killing him or something lol……Just, I hope it won’t be too tragic of an ending….


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