TDCM Chapter 77: Replacing the Original With a Fake

That was because, of the eight floors behind her, every floor was built on the blood and tears of women. Some of them were experimented on with poisons, living a life worse than death, some were placed into large pits filled with poisonous insects, enduring the worst torture, while some were forced to copulate with their own sons. Anyway, this place was as disgusting as it could get.

After the feeling of disgust passed, only fear remained. If she was unable to escape…she didn’t dare to continue this train of thought.

“Patriarch, we’ve brought them here.”

Saying this, the fourth elder respectfully withdrew to the side. The Pure Yin Physique was something he could look at but not covet. Hunyuan Sect had been established for a long time and only one had been found, so besides the Patriarch, first elder and second elder, the rest of them were not qualified to own one.

“En, you may leave.”

When Hunyuan Demon Patriarch turned around, Wan Ling’er let out a shriek the moment she saw him. That was because this Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s facial features were smooth and bulged out, looking like the combination of a human and snake’s face!

“Pure Yin Physique”, he smiled. He slowly walked towards Wan Ling’er, and ignoring her trembling figure, he took a whiff of her body.

“What a sweet fragrance, if deep resentment was added to it, it’ll definitely be even more tantalising!”

Wan Ling’er’s hairs stood on end and she was finally unable to hold back her cries any longer, “Wuwu, please, I beg you, let me go! I can get my father to agree to any request you have, please just let me go!”

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch laughed, sticking out his tongue like a snake as he said smilingly beside her ear, “Let you go? That’s not possible. But, I already have a woman of Pure Yin Physique so I’ll let others have you.”

It was at this moment that someone rushed in.

“Things are bad!” The tall and sturdy built first elder said gravely once he entered, “Elder brother, soldiers have surrounded the outside waters! They’re currently looking for our exact location!”

“That’s not possible, how could they possibly find their way here?”

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s expression changed and he said with a grave expression on his face, “Second brother, hurry and bring some men with you to check things out, they’re definitely here for this girl. If there’s anyone you aren’t a match for, call for third brother to return and help you.”

He paused before continuing, “I’ll change the array to the demon concealing array. If anything goes wrong, we’ll leave immediately!”

The short statured Yuan Chu at the side had been ignored. When she heard this, she counted on her fingers.

They’re all here, the three demon brothers, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch, first elder, second elder. All three of them were strong Nascent Souls who wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

Yuan Chu’s eyes flashed with excitement from the thrill of taking risks. Let her, the super ambassador of justice, send these perverts to hell!

After the Patriarch and first elder had left, Yuan Chu and Wan Ling’er were locked inside a sealed room.

Wan Ling’er finally felt at ease, “That’s great! Father is here to save me! But how did they find their way here?”

Yuan Chu guessed that Ye Chenyuan must have made use of his contract with the dragon egg to find their approximate location, but all those weren’t important. The Hunyuan Demon Patriarch had previously mentioned that he already had a woman of Pure Yin Physique, which means that that person is Ye Chenyuan’s mother?

She had an idea and turned to say to Wan Ling’er who was beside her, “Don’t worry, that demon has gone to change the array, I’ll take this chance to send you out first.”

“You?” Wan Ling’er stared at her blankly, “Weren’t you going to wait for your father?”

Yuan Chu smiled and put a finger on her lips as she told her to “hush” before pulling Wan Ling’er along as she headed outside.

Wan Ling’er stiffened up. Strangely, the two men who were guarding them let them walk out without giving them a second glance, as if they hadn’t noticed the both of them.

What is going on?!

Wan Ling’er’s eyes widened, not daring to say a word as she followed Yuan Chu gingerly.

It wasn’t long before Yuan Chu led her to the window and with a leap, they flew to the rooftop. The main hall was Jiu Chong Palace’s highest point and they had a panoramic view of the entire islet.

“Y-You actually know how to fly?!” At this moment, Wan Ling’er didn’t know what attitude she should have towards Yuan Chu anymore, because only honourable Nascent Souls are able to fly, just by relying on their own strength.

Yuan Chu smiled wordlessly and pulled Wan Ling’er to hide behind a wooden bracket[1] on the roof. They then watched as Hunyuan Demon Patriarch exited the building and stood in front of a boulder as he chanted a spell and gestured with his hands. A moment later, that boulder lit up.

“Look, that boulder should be the heart of the array. I’ve heard of the demon concealing array. Once they change it, the whole islet will sink into the sea and they’ll be able to flee if there’s any danger. What should we do?” Wan Ling’er had some experience and seeing this, she asked nervously.

Yuan Chu said with a smile, “Don’t worry.”

“Then we-”

“Wait.” Yuan Chu said. She already had a plan, “We’ll wait for him to activate the new array. At the moment where the new array replaces the old, there’ll be a split second gap. When that happens, I’ll send you out.”

Yuan Chu’s previous remarkable display made Wan Ling’er trust her from the bottom of her heart but when she heard this, she asked, “Aren’t you leaving? Once the island sinks into the sea, it’ll be difficult for you to leave!”

Yuan Chu shook her head and leaned into her ear to give her a few instructions.

After that, they saw a ray of light soar towards the sky. From their high vantage point, they could clearly see that a translucent half circle had appeared above their heads.

“Right now!”

Yuan Chu suddenly made her move and threw Wan Ling’er out. During this split second gap where the array was being replaced, Ye Chenyuan who was a thousand miles away suddenly opened his eyes.

“Over there!”

“Lad, what did you say?” asked a young man dressed in war robes. His hand had yet to touch Ye Chenyuan’s shoulder when Ye Chenyuan dashed forward like an arrow.

Seeing this, he quickly said, “Everyone heed my command, follow him, hurry!”

Hence, the army rode on their flying demon beasts, forming a dark mass that chased after Ye Chenyuan. Ye Chenyuan flew on his sword at the highest speed with a ruthless expression in his eyes.

Master, please stay safe!


“Who’s there?!”

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch sensed a large fluctuation of spiritual energy and rushed towards Yuan Chu’s direction, but would she get caught by him?

She put on her Thousand-Leaves Mask, changed her appearance to look like Wan Ling’er and returned to the room. When Hunyuan Demon Patriarch rushed in aggressively, he heaved a sigh upon seeing that she was still here.

“Hold on.” He recalled something and suddenly said, “Where’s that little girl beside you?”

Yuan Chu pretended to be terrified as she said: “I-I don’t know, there was a black shadow that took her away just now!”

“D*mn it!” Hunyuan Demon Patriarch thought it had been spies and stared at Yuan Chu, “Men!”

“Subordinate is here!”

“Bring this girl to my wife, keep a close watch on her!”


As Yuan Chu was brought away, she thought silently, wife? Could he be referring to Ye Chenyuan’s mother? She seemed to be doing quite well? Oh right, she was the only one with a Pure Yin Physique after all, so she was bound to be treated differently.

1. 斗拱
TDCM 77_斗拱

Just to clarify, this is the hierarchy in Hunyuan Sect:
1. Hunyuan Demon Patriarch (aka Patriarch)
2. first elder (Note that he’s the second, which was why Patriarch called him ‘second brother’)
3. second elder, and so on.
The ‘Ancestor’ would usually be above the ‘Patriarch’ in rank but Hunyuan Sect’s Ancestor is special, you’ll find out where he ‘ranks’ in a few chapters.

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