TDCM Chapter 76: A Group of Devils

Before Yuan Chu stepped off, she lowered her voice and said to Wan Ling’er.

“When the opportunity comes, I’ll have you leave first. You’ll have to find a person, then ally with a few Nascent Souls from other kingdoms to come here and eradicate this cancer otherwise they might retaliate against your kingdom in the future.”

Wan Ling’er nodded grimly when she heard this, “As long as I can leave, I’ll ask father to seek their help! But…where is this place? Why do you seem so familiar with it?”

Yuan Chu said, “You’re sure to know of this place if I tell you too.”

She leaned over and said by Wan Ling’er’s ear with a smile, “Here, is Hunyuan Sect!”

Instantly, there was a large shift in Wan Ling’er’s expression.

Hunyuan Sect, this was actually Hunyuan Sect?!

Wan Ling’er started to tremble uncontrollably. The evil sect that was said to be spurned by women, that cultivated using women’s resentment, where any female who entered either ended up dead or insane. A dignified princess like her, was captured and brought to such a place?!

It was at this moment that someone pushed Wan Ling’er forward.

“No whispering, hurry up and get off!” He snorted, “I’m afraid you still don’t know where this place is, right? This is Hunyuan Sect! It’s impossible for any woman who arrives here to leave, so you better not harbour any ideas otherwise you won’t be able to handle the consequences!”

This was told to them by the fourth elder who would be bringing them to the Patriarch. His sinister expression scared Wan Ling’er so much that she became deathly pale and pulled Yuan Chu along as they disembarked.

On the other hand, Yuan Chu had a relaxed expression as she looked around. Many buildings had been built on this islet that was surrounded by lush greenwood, with the most eye-catching one being a magnificent Jiu Chong Palace.

Just from the extent of exquisiteness, this should be Hunyuan Sect’s headquarters. However, it wasn’t time to alert the enemy yet and she had to first figure out the strength of the people here.

Around them were many men who were either working or practising their martial arts. When they saw that another two girls had arrived, they all stopped what they were doing as sinister smiles appeared on their faces. When Wan Ling’er saw that they were all pointing at them, cold sweat seeped from the hand that held onto Yuan Chu.

She didn’t understand why Yuan Chu appeared so fearless but she gradually calmed down after seeing how composed she was.

It was at this moment that they heard weeping sounds and Yuan Chu and Wan Ling’er immediately looked over, only to see a group of men chasing about a dozen emaciated women as if they were herding livestock, chasing them out of the building and towards the forest.

All the women had strange green and purple marks on their faces and their wide-opened eyes were bloodshot. More frightening was the fact that some of them were pregnant with their bellies swelling.

“All of you are devils! You will not meet with a good end! I’ll haunt you as a ghost, you won’t get away with this!”

A woman with dishevelled hair and messy face shouted this, then a man hit her with his whip and she fell to the ground, unable to get up again.

“D*mn it!” Without a second thought, Wan Ling’er was going to step forward bravely but Yuan Chu held her back.

She could sense that they were watched by two Nascent Soul experts that were at the building’s highest level. If victory wasn’t certain, they mustn’t act recklessly.

“Behave, you have to save yourself before thinking about saving others.”

Yuan Chu’s words were overheard by the fourth elder and he roared with laughter.

“This little girl is so sensible. Over here, princess is a mere woman! If you want to save others, look after yourself first!”

“You! You all!” Although Wan Ling’er felt aggrieved, she calmed down when she thought of her current predicament. She didn’t want to remain in this awful place for another moment!

Hearing this, Yuan Chu raised her head and asked in a clear child’s voice, “Fourth elder, where will these people be brought to?”

The fourth elder looked at Yuan Chu with slight astonishment. He had always been hearing women’s cries or rebukes and it had been a long time since he had seen someone like Yuan Chu who was unafraid of death. He said with a grin.

“They’re to be offered to our Ancestor. The more cruelly they’re tormented, the more our Ancestor enjoys it, especially the pregnant ones, who are of the highest delicacy to our Ancestor.”

“Blegh ——!” Wan Ling’er couldn’t stop herself from dry heaving when she heard them talk about their Ancestor eating people. The people surrounding them smiled when they saw that she was afraid, as if they were happier, the more fearful she was.

Yuan Chu closed her eyes as she carefully sensed her surroundings. She realised that there weren’t any strong people in the direction that the women were headed, although there was something that burned extremely hot. It seems like something strange was going on.

Seeing that Yuan Chu wasn’t the slightest bit fearful, the fourth elder specially explained things to them as they were on their way to see the Patriarch.

“Hei hei, little girls, do you see that blue Jiu Chong Palace? The highest layer is our paradise, where girls who enter will get to live in ease and comfort, only having to service around ten or so guys before getting to rest. That is the dream place of many of the women here!”

The fourth elder looked around forty to fifty years of age, revealing black and yellowed teeth whenever he smiled. The foul smell that came from him was also stronger and Yuan Chu was glad that she had already sealed her sense of smell.

“What about the floor beneath that?” As if she didn’t understand what it meant to service ten or more people a day, Yuan Chu pointed to another location.

“That is, uhh” the fourth elder rubbed his blotched face and said with a smirk, “those women are the luckier ones, they’ve fallen pregnant and their placement will be decided after they’ve given birth.”

“What about the children?”

Everyone near the fourth elder laughed, “We’ll raise those that have a spiritual root and the ones that don’t will be presented to our Ancestor. Little girl, are you afraid?!”


Because the dragon egg was with Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan was able to sense the life contract and he hurried towards a single direction until he came to a seashore where he finally landed on a piece of rock.


Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes before opening them frustratedly, “I can sense that the dragon egg is in this area but there seems to be something obstructing my view and preventing me from picking up its precise location, not to mention finding the entrance, d*mn it!”

Venerable Li said, “Don’t panic, Yuan Chu that girl is very quick-witted and although it seems like she acts rashly, she always has her own considerations. She’ll be fine, let’s search again.”

Ye Chenyuan frowned, “No, this area is too large and it’ll take too long for me to search alone. Master had mentioned that it was a princess that was kidnapped, it seems like I’ll have to borrow Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s authority!”

Ye Chenyuan then paid a nearby fisherman to pass his message to Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom before he continued to search the sea.

Master had only gone out alone and put herself in danger just to help him find his mother. No matter what, he mustn’t let any harm come to master!


At this moment, Yuan Chu’s group had reached Hunyuan Sect’s main hall.

Along the way, Wan Ling’er hadn’t vomited just once and she was now ghastly pale.

Wan Ling’er was terrified after hearing the fourth elder’s explanations. Just like he had said, this was Hunyuan Sect and a lady who only had to service ten or more people a day was “fortunate” indeed.

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