TDCM Chapter 75: Master Is Being Naughty Again

Ye Chenyuan was alarmed and immediately looked towards the sky, only to see that it was sunny and cloudless, as if the prior evil wind was just an illusion.

“Oh no, it’s a teleportation array! Someone had set up the array here in advance, probably to catch the girl that appeared just now!”

Ye Chenyuan had an awful expression on his face, “Master’s cultivation is excellent and they couldn’t have been able to bring her away if she had resisted.”

Venerable Li also thought of this point and said in astonishment, “So, Little Chu let them abduct her on purpose? It seems like they’re most probably from Hunyuan Sect. Little Chu had said that we’ll be able to find them here, does she perhaps know the art of divination?”

Ye Chenyuan’s hands formed into a fist and an evil aura surged from his body.

“Master is being too naughty indeed!”


Yuan Chu shivered uncontrollably. Strange, why did she feel so cold?

She was currently locked up in a prison cell with Wan Ling’er. At the moment of capture, she had put on her Thousand-Leaves Mask. Although there wasn’t any change in her appearance, it somewhat concealed her spiritual energy, then she adjusted her cultivation to the Qi Condensing stage.

She was going to dodge the moment she felt the evil wind rushing at her but she stopped when she smelled the foul air.

Hunyuan Sect’s men?!

So, this girl that snatched her things was that Princess Wan Ling’er who was kidnapped by Hunyuan Sect and only managed to escape by the skin of her teeth?

With this thought, Yuan Chu allowed herself to be taken away with Wan Ling’er.

The kidnappers really ended up being from Hunyuan Sect and because they cultivated evil magic, they were surrounded by evil energy instead of spiritual energy.

In addition, all the Hunyuan Sect members stunk, making it easy to identify them!

At this moment, the cell door opened and a man with strange lumps all over his face walked in. His eyes were fixed on Wan Ling’er the moment he stepped in, and he wasn’t far from actually drooling.

“Hei hei, so this is the rare, once in a century Pure Yin Physique?” Taking in a deep breath, he said with relish, “I can already smell that tantalising sweet fragrance from your body!”

As a princess that enjoyed a high position and had lived in comfort, Wan Ling’er hadn’t met with this kind of situation before. Feeling extremely ashamed and resentful, she shouted in a shrill voice.

“Who are you? Why did you kidnap me? I’m warning you! You better let me go right now! I’m Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s most favoured princess, my father will certainly come to save me! By then, he definitely wouldn’t let you off!”

Although she spoke in an imposing manner, her eyes that were as red as a rabbit’s betrayed her, she was extremely terrified, and she instinctively shrunk towards where Yuan Chu was.

The hideous looking male roared with laughter when he heard this, “Save you? I believe so! But, if they’re unable to find you, how can they save you? Hahahahaha!”

Wan Ling’er’s face paled at once. For them to be able to kidnap her without alerting anyone, they must have their strengths. Could it be possible that her father wouldn’t be able to find her?!

“Yo, there’s also a lively little girl!” It was only now that the man noticed Yuan Chu and he started to make plans excitedly, “I had thought that it was a pity that I wouldn’t be able to touch the princess but it wouldn’t be too bad to have a little girl to play with. Here, little girl, come to uncle!”

Yuan Chu remained motionless as she looked at him indifferently. In her heart, she had already picked up her little book and noted this person down on her must-die list. However, before she could get started on her little tricks, someone came in and called for the ugly man.

“Hurry on out, fourth elder is here to pick them up!”

The man’s face filled with regret when he heard this but he didn’t dare to disregard the elder’s arrival so he quickly turned to leave, but not before fixing his eyes on Yuan Chu as he said indignantly.

“Little girl, count yourself lucky this time around.”

Yuan Chu puffed up her cheeks as she thought bitterly, who’s the one that got lucky, we’ll wait and see!

Their prison cell fell silent once more. Wan Ling’er finally couldn’t take it anymore and started to cry.

“Wuwu, father, brother.”

It was her first time meeting bad guys like these and when the man had looked at her with those eyes just now, she had felt so angry that she wanted to dig out his eyes yet she wasn’t able to do so.

Yuan Chu looked at her from the side. This girl was quite pitiful, having been held captive by a Hunyuan Sect elder. Although she didn’t suffer too much torment because that elder liked her, just the pain of losing her chastity would be enough to traumatise her for life.

“Alright, stop crying. The most important thing right now is how we’re going to escape.”

Although Yuan Chu knew that this girl would manage to escape in the future, she couldn’t wait that long.

Wan Ling’er didn’t think that Yuan Chu would be so calm, she had thought that Yuan Chu was terrified. She said dispiritedly, “I-I don’t know, they’ve taken my interspatial ring.”

Yuan Chu’s ring had also been taken away but hers only contained snacks. With her Nascent Soul cultivation, she had long been able to open up interspatial spaces in her sea of consciousness but of course, she wouldn’t tell her this.

Yuan Chu said, “We should be reaching their den soon. When the time comes, just do as I say and I guarantee that you’ll be able to leave safe and sound..”

“You?” Wan Ling’er looked at her small figure that only had cultivation at the Qi Refining stage. She wiped her tears and curled her lips.

Having been looked down on, Yuan Chu raised her chin with a ‘hmph’, “Don’t look down on others! My father’s cultivation is at Nascent Soul! He will definitely find me and save me!”

“Nascent Soul?!” Wan Ling’er’s eyes lit up and she tugged on Yuan Chu agitatedly, “Alright, I’ll listen to you! When your father comes, you have to bring me along!”

It’s not surprising that Wan Ling’er would be so excited. Although her family’s ancestor was also a Nascent Soul, her ancestor was currently in seclusion and wouldn’t be able to come to her rescue so she could only pin her hopes on Yuan Chu’s father.

Pleased with herself, Yuan Chu looked at her with large and round eyes, “I can save you but first, you have to apologise. I still haven’t forgotten that you called me a shorty!”

A strange expression immediately made its way onto Wan Ling’er’s face but still, she hastily replied, “I’m sorry, it was wrong of me.”

Yuan Chu gave a ‘hmph’, “Also, after you take back your storage bag, you have to give me that lotus flower shaped lustrous sky lantern. I was the one that saw it first!”

Wan Ling’er’s expression became even stranger but since it was just a lantern, she nodded her head repeatedly, “Anything is fine, as long as you can help me to escape! My name is Wan Ling’er, how about you?”

Yuan Chu was satisfied and revealed a devilish smile when she heard this.

“My name is Yuan Chu. When they ask you later, just tell them that I’m your cousin.”

Soon, the aerial spiritual tool that they were on landed and after they were brought out, Yuan Chu realised that she was actually on an isolated island in the middle of the sea!

Furthermore, this islet was surrounded by a dense spiritual fog, making it very likely that ships would pass by without even realising that there was an island here.

Yuan Chu rubbed her chin as a faint smile appeared on her face, so this was Hunyuan Sect’s headquarters? She’ll watch and wait, making some observations before deciding what to do. This time around, she must eradicate this cancer!

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