TDCM Chapter 74: Snatched Away

He added ill-naturedly, “After all, being able to advance to Nascent Soul by eating you, I believe that many people would want a bite of you.”

Ye Chenyuan hugged Yuan Chu and glared at Venerable Li, “Enough, stop rubbing it in!”

Seeing that Yuan Chu looked very miserable, Venerable Li shrugged his shoulders as he said smugly, “I’m telling the truth!”

Anyway, this whole farce caused Yuan Chu to have a sleepless night.

After that, in view of her physique, the dragon egg was officially passed to her to hatch.

Strange, why did she use the word ‘hatch’? She wants to cry!

For the past few days, Yuan Chu had been the one leading the way because she had said that she knew a way to find Hunyuan Sect. They travelled from second-rate kingdom to first-rate kingdom, hurrying on their way with a clear destination in mind.

Seeing that they were passing through increasingly prosperous cities, Venerable Li couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked, “Hunyuan Sect has offended many people, they can’t possibly be somewhere with many people.”

Yuan Chu patted the egg in her hands and said glumly, “There’s something you don’t know, in this first-rate kingdom named Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom, there’s a beautiful princess with a Pure Yin Physique.”

“So what? Although Hunyuan Sect likes females with Pure Yin Physiques, they can’t possibly come here to kidnap a princess.”

“Why not?” Yuan Chu said unhappily, “I have a feeling that she’ll be kidnapped soon.”

Venerable Li frowned, “How can you rely on intuition?!”

Still, Ye Chenyuan stood firmly on Yuan Chu’s side. Since a long time ago, he had known that Yuan Chu had her secrets, he just didn’t expose her. He held her hand tightly.

“I believe master.”

After all, Yuan Chu knew how anxious he felt and wouldn’t bring him here if she wasn’t certain.

Yuan Chu flashed him a smile but was still listless, especially at the mention of physiques.

Ye Chenyuan frowned when he saw that her face was skinnier, with practically a layer of the soft baby fat gone.


He lifted her face so that she was looking right at him, “Master, didn’t we agree to ignore the physique issue? Besides, I’ll protect you.”

He said earnestly, “Even if I have to pay for it with my life, I won’t let anything happen to you, please don’t be upset anymore, okay?”

“Little Yuan Yuan” Yuan Chu was moved and threw herself into his embrace, seeking his caresses.

Wuwu, although she said she was fine, but to have been living happily, then to find out one day that she had become a walking tangseng meat[1] was a terrible feeling!

But it’s alright, she still had the male lead. From now on, she must cling onto the male lead’s thigh. Since he will become the most powerful person in this world, she wouldn’t be eaten if she clung to him.

Ye Chenyuan promptly started to coax her attentively, patting her back gently. But out of Yuan Chu’s line of sight, his gaze was terrifying.

Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique?

Yuan Chu felt better after a round of coaxing from Ye Chenyuan. That night, she held onto Ye Chenyuan’s hand as they cautiously walked down the streets. For some reason, after these events, Ye Chenyuan realised that his master stuck to him, this was good.

First-rate kingdoms were more prosperous than second-rate kingdoms, with vast lands and tyrannical power. In their travels, they had headed straight for their destination and hadn’t had any fun.

“Yi, what’s that?” Yuan Chu pointed, her eyes lighting up.

Seeing that Yuan Chu was interested, Ye Chenyuan led her there, only to see many glazed lanterns around the entrance of the shop that was surrounded by many people. The lanterns had a beautiful lustre and even circled around people as it spun!

Seeing that Yuan Chu’s group was dressed wealthily, someone ran out of the shop to serve them.

“Little fairy, it’s your first visit to Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s main city right? This lustrous sky lantern is our specialty, look.”

He hooked his finger and an exquisite little lantern floated over and spun around Yuan Chu, scattering clear powder that looked like starlight. Together with a gorgeous halo and some kind of fragrance that enveloped Yuan Chu, it magnified her beauty.

The shop assistant praised, “Look, illuminated by the lustrous sky lantern, little fairy is as enchanting as an immortal! The sky lantern is even more dazzling at night, just one spirit stone is enough for it to spin for a year, it’s energy saving and gorgeous, do you want to buy one?”

These words were addressed to Ye Chenyuan because Yuan Chu was still young and didn’t look like she had any money, so it was more reasonable to ask Ye Chenyuan.

However, Ye Chenyuan was a little dazed as he looked at Yuan Chu. The colourful rays of light shone on her lovely and exquisite face, silver rays dotted her ankle-length ink-black hair and the magnificent light complemented her gold and red robes, it was extremely beautiful.

“Buy.” He replied with just one word, the corners of his mouth raising slightly.

The shop assistant smiled happily when he heard this. After all, the lustrous sky lantern was beautiful but not very useful and was purchased for young girls to play with. Due to its high selling price, there were more people here to take a look than to actually buy it, there were even fewer buyers that would make a purchase without even asking about the price.

He bent down and asked Yuan Chu with a smile, “Little fairy, which one do you want?”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu looked up and saw an exquisite lotus flower shaped glazed lantern. She pointed to it, “I want that one!”

The shop assistant was even happier when he heard her. “Fairy has good tastes, that is our most expensive sky lantern, I’ll get it for you.”

“Go, get me that lantern.”

Suddenly, a haughty female voice was heard and the crowd was split apart by a group of bodyguards. The lantern that Yuan Chu had taken a liking to landed in the hands of the young girl that came after. Yuan Chu pouted angrily, her face becoming like a bun.

“I was here first!”

That young girl looked to be around sixteen or seventeen years of age, delicate and lovable. She snorted when she heard Yuan Chu’s words.

“So what if you were here first? Shorty, this lantern isn’t cheap, can you afford it?!”

Her one line of ‘shorty’ caused Yuan Chu to fly into a rage. She actually called her short?!

“You’re the shorty! I’m only ten and have yet to grow taller!”

The young girl snorted with laughter when she heard this, “So you’re already ten, I thought you were a baby that hadn’t been weaned off milk yet! Go play at the side, I don’t have time to play with you!”

Saying this, she waved her fan and walked away.


Ye Chenyuan held her back, “Master, that’s the only lantern you want?”

If that was so, he would snatch it back.

Yuan Chu gave him a ‘hmph’, “Who still wants that lantern? This is a matter of dignity! Wait here, she dared to call me short, I’ll teach her a lesson!”

Saying this, Yuan Chu disappeared from Ye Chenyuan’s sight with a flash.

In a split second, she passed by ten over bodyguards and reached out towards the other party. It was at this moment that a gust of evil wind rushed at them and all the lights in the street blacked out.

Ye Chenyuan felt that something was wrong and hurried in the direction that Yuan Chu had gone but in the next second, he heard a bodyguard’s panicked cry.

“Oh no! The princess has disappeared!”

1. 唐僧肉 – In the novel ‘Journey to the West’, it’s believed that eating ‘tangseng meat’ (aka monk Tang Sanzang’s meat) will give one eternal life.

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