TDCM Chapter 73: So, She’s A Wet Nurse

“Having the Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique means that your dantian is different from others. Others only have one dantian but you have two, a Yin dantian and a Yang dantian. It’s just that the Yin dantian has been concealed by the Yang dantian so you have to gather double the amount of spiritual energy in order to advance.”

“I still don’t understand, what has this got to do with dual cultivation? Besides, if I have two dantians, shouldn’t I be two times more powerful than other Nascent Souls? But I don’t feel like I’m that much more powerful than them!” Yuan Chu asked with a frown.

Venerable Li stroked his beard and said mysteriously, “You don’t feel it because the spiritual energy stored in your Yin tian isn’t for you to use.”

“What?” Yuan Chu thought of a possibility and a look of terror appeared on her face.

“That’s right, it’s exactly what you’re thinking!” Venerable Li circled Yuan Chu as he floated here and there, looking somewhat excited.

“Once you dual cultivate with someone, whoever takes your true Yin will immediately receive all the spiritual energy you’ve gathered in your Yin dantian over the years.”

Yuan Chu’s face fell.

“S-so to say, my current cultivation is at Nascent Soul and whoever does that thing with me will also become a Nascent Soul?”

Venerable Li looked at her with twinkling eyes and nodded, “You can put it like that, but it isn’t definite. For example, if the other party is an ordinary person, he wouldn’t be able to bear the spiritual energy and will blow up and die!”

“As for other cultivators, it’ll depend on their aptitude. For those with good aptitudes or those that have already formed their golden core, after taking the spiritual energy that you’ve accumulated over the years, there’s a possibility that they could advance to the Astral Realm!”

“What the heck? So I’m a super nourishing pill?!” Yuan Chu felt giddy and had the urge to vomit blood. This setting is too rotten, can she change it?

Ye Chenyuan’s innermost being was in chaos as he listened from the sidelines. His focus wasn’t on the fact that he could become stronger through Yuan Chu, but on the fact that others would come vying for Yuan Chu if they knew about how special she was.

With the spiritual energy that Yuan Chu had accumulated till Mid Stage Nascent Soul, even those with bad aptitudes will be able to advance to Nascent Soul after receiving all that spiritual energy, allowing them to reach the heavens with just one step! Everyone would go insane over her!

A strange silence fell over the Heavenly Ship, except for that mischievous dragon egg that jumped from Ye Chenyuan’s arms and continued to rub against Yuan Chu.

Having had her grief interrupted by it, Yuan Chu pointed a trembling finger at it, “What’s up with that egg? It has yet to hatch, don’t tell me that it wants to dual cultivate with me?!”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan resolutely tossed the dragon egg into Sky Pearl. A mere egg dares covet his master? Dream on!

Venerable Li coughed, saying with a smile, “No, it’s because the Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique is just like a tonic for people with Pure Yang Physiques or bloodlines.

And the white dragon is considered the strongest and most ‘Yang’ among beasts. With its powerful instincts, it probably sensed that you’re special, so it’s sticking to you. With you nourishing it, it’ll be able to hatch faster.

Yuan Chu was frustrated and lay spread out on the bed like a wilted eggplant, before rolling around, annoyed.

“So I was born to contribute to others, to be eaten by others? No! I don’t want to be a nourishing pill!”

It’s fine that she wasn’t given Long Aotian’s[1] physique but isn’t it too unfair to give her a physique that provides god-level assistance?!

Ye Chenyuan also said, “Venerable Li, can this physique be changed?”

Once this advantage of hers was discovered by others, this physique would definitely bring disaster upon her.

Yuan Chu also looked at him anxiously, “Everything you’ve mentioned so far is disadvantageous, for such an unknown physique like this, is there no advantage?”

Venerable Li suddenly smiled, but his smile looked somewhat strange.

“Yin Yang Reincarnate is so rare, with only one every ten thousand years, how could there be no advantages? As for these advantages, you’ll know after dual cultivating.”

Yuan Chu’s face fell again.

Venerable Li stroked his beard and said smugly, “The reason your physique is suited for dual cultivation is because, if you can find someone with a Pure Yang physique or bloodline to dual cultivate with, you can channel the spiritual energy in your Yin dantian to him. That spiritual energy will circulate in his body, aiding him in raising his cultivation quickly and also turning that spiritual energy into Yang energy that will channel back into your Yang dantian. In this way, there won’t be any more instances where you have insufficient spiritual energy whenever you’re advancing into higher realms.”

“Moreover, people with your physique won’t experience bottlenecks when cultivating and there won’t be lightning tribulations when advancing into higher realms. As long as you find a suitable dual cultivation partner, both of your cultivations will progress rapidly. A physique as profound as this is worthy of the first place in the list of special physiques.”

First place? How absurd, she didn’t want it at all, alright?!

Yuan Chu couldn’t refrain from scratching her luxuriant hair till it became a chicken’s nest.

No bottlenecks or lightning tribulations sounded very tempting. It meant that her cultivation would rise endlessly as long as there was enough spiritual energy. Unlike others, she didn’t have to worry about fortuitous encounters or lightning tribulations.

Yuan Chu recalled that she didn’t have any bottlenecks or lightning tribulations in her past life. All she needed was double the spiritual energy. She had thought that this was her golden finger but it turned out to be an added benefit of this absurd physique!

Is there a need for it to be so horrifying?

Perhaps due to the undue scare, Yuan Chu became strangely calm after a moment of grumpiness, lying face down on the bed as she said weakly.

“After all this talk, I need a man?”

Her gaze landed on Ye Chenyuan. Say, Ye Chenyuan had a Pure Yang bloodline…Ahh no way no way! How could she have obscene thoughts about her disciple!

Ye Chenyuan was also speechless from the shock. If he could dual cultivate with master, he could help to advance his master’s cultivation by leaps and bounds?

Ye Chenyuan’s ears flushed red and he did his best to put on a straight face so that no one would notice.

Venerable Li deliberated before saying, “No, we should say that you need many men. If you want to raise your cultivation at the quickest speed, other than dual cultivation, men’s true Yang will also be a tonic for you.”

“Venerable Li!”

Ye Chenyuan’s handsome face instantly flushed red, but this was due to anger.

“How can you instigate master to do something like that!”

What ‘many men’, what ‘true Yang’? He’ll destroy whoever comes!

Sensing a strong murderous aura from Ye Chenyuan, Venerable Li shrunk back. He had almost forgotten that Ye Chenyuan was a master-protecting maniac. Really, this child was already fourteen but still stuck to his master like in his childhood.

Yuan Chu also felt awkward. Wouldn’t they be teaching the wrong things to the child if they spoke about these things now?

She reassured herself, “It’s alright, let’s just pretend that this didn’t happen. After all, the average person wouldn’t be able to recognise this physique so I’ll be relatively safe.”

It’s very safe indeed, no one had discovered this absurd physique of hers in her past life. Of course, that also had something to do with the fact that she had been a spinster all her life.

Venerable Li gave a ‘hmph’, “Whether people will find out is one thing but since you already know about it, you should be more careful.”

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