TDCM Chapter 71: Greed Is Insatiable

Wuwuwu, Yuan Chu was moved by Ye Chenyuan once more. She fixed her large eyes on Ye Chenyuan, how could there be such a lovable youth?

She has decided! She must treat him well in the future! It would no longer be for the Morning Mirror’s sake, but she was going to make up for all the hardships he had endured in his childhood!

The two seemed to have come to an understanding of sorts. They then happily continued with their lunch and after they had finished all the delicious food, Yuan Chu used a cleaning art on herself before laying down on the bed.

“Ahh, no more no more! My stomach’s going to burst! I’m going to explode!!”

The Heavenly Ship’s interior was only the size of a room, so a single bed had been placed in it. Yuan Chu rolled around like a white and tender meat bun.

Ye Chenyuan held back a smile, “Master, what are you doing?”

Yuan Chu continued to roll around as she replied with a sweet-sounding childish tone, “Can’t you tell? I’m exercising!”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t hold back anymore and laughed out loud. After clearing everything away, he also climbed onto the bed. Yuan Chu happened to be rolling in his direction so she ended up rolling into his embrace.

They both froze.

Ye Chenyuan knew that he should let go but he couldn’t bear to do so, so he remained still while Yuan Chu suddenly recalled the time when she’d been kissed by Ye Chenyuan.

There was a very pleasant scent of greenery on Ye Chenyuan’s body, especially when he moved closer.

Ah ah ah! Stop thinking about it!

“Cough” Ye Chenyuan gave an unnatural cough and shifted his gaze, asking in a soft voice, “Master, why do you look so small even though you’re already ten?”

Small and delicate, like a little enchantress birthed from a flower bud. Long hair, eyes that contained the stars and a small squishy face.

Yuan Chu smacked her lips, “It’s probably because my cultivation is too high so it’s impeding my growth? Aiya! That’s not important, it’s great to be a child! I want to be a baby forever!”

Saying this, she shamelessly took this opportunity to roll out of Ye Chenyuan’s embrace. A small child like Ye Chenyuan would never understand that age was a sensitive subject for women. If possible, she wished to never grow up, to be coaxed in someone’s embrace.

With his arms now empty, Ye Chenyuan subconsciously leaned towards where she was.

“Then…does baby want an afternoon nap?”

Ye Chenyuan was unaware of the doting look in his eyes as he looked at her with a lock of her hair wrapped around his finger, “Be good and sleep for a while?”

Yuan Chu was slightly embarrassed to hear that he was actually using a tone that people usually used to coax children. In addition, his gaze gave her a strange feeling of being unclothed.

So she swiftly burrowed into the quilts and a ball immediately formed under the covers. Bit by bit, the ball moved upwards and stopped when it reached the pillow. Then a muffled girl’s voice was heard.

“Alright, I’ve already fallen asleep!”

Ye Chenyuan muffled his laughter and edged closer to hold her and sleep together.

But he had just started to reach over when Yuan Chu’s head abruptly popped out from under the covers and she stared at him like she’d gotten a shock, “What are you doing?”

With slightly raised brows, Ye Chenyuan said: “Resting together, why?”

During the past few years of tempering, regardless of whether it was noon or night, he had always guarded her as she slept, why was she reacting like this today?

Yuan Chu fixed her gaze on him. Seeing that there wasn’t anything peculiar about Ye Chenyuan’s expression, she concluded that he really hadn’t recognised that she was Yue Chengou, which explained why he could behave like usual.

Yuan Chu felt conflicted. A young man that knew about kissing wasn’t a child anymore. Then wouldn’t it be improper for her to continue sleeping with him?

Ye Chenyuan had already laid down beside her and he reached out to pat her back, separated by only the quilt.

“Sleep, master.”

His elegant voice was silky to the ears, gentle and affectionate, even seeming to carry a trace of magical power that lulled her to sleep.

Dazed and with barely opened eyes, Yuan Chu thought, what did she have to be afraid of? After all, Ye Chenyuan showed signs of liking men and she had the appearance of a child, what did it have to do with her?

With this thought, she was relieved and closed her eyes to have her afternoon nap. A moment later, just as she was drifting to sleep, Ye Chenyuan suddenly poked her face and asked her with a smile.

“Oh, by the way. Master, you’ve mentioned before that you want the Morning Mirror and that I’ll definitely obtain it in the future. What exactly is that Morning Mirror?”

Yuan Chu was sleepy and mumbled a reply, “Anyway, it’s very important.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t let her off, “Is it more important than me?”

Yuan Chu didn’t reply. Ye Chenyuan frowned, but seeing that she was sound asleep, he didn’t question her any further but he had noted this down in his heart.

He had wanted to find it as quickly as possible to repay her efforts but Yuan Chu’s words made him weirdly unhappy.

Would the Morning Mirror be more important than him?

With this thought, his expression became menacing. In front of Yuan Chu, he would always be gentle and harmless but right now, his banished-immortal like looks had become demon-like due to his very dark eyes.

Especially when he gently touched Yuan Chu’s lips with his finger, the Sky Pearl on his forehead suddenly became visible, a bright red dot appearing vividly on his forehead, it was soul-stirringly beautiful.


Yuan Chu’s breath was even and her long eyelashes quivered slightly. It was obvious that she was sound asleep.

Ye Chenyuan shut his eyes for a moment and suppressed a hunger that came from the depths of his soul. Venerable Li was in his sea of consciousness and he had to control himself regardless of any thoughts he might have!

He closed his eyes and repeatedly told himself that it was fine. Master was still young and he had enough patience and time to wait for her to grow older.

It was fine even if he had to remain as her disciple. As long as she was by his side, as long as there was no one else more important than him in her heart, what’s wrong with being a disciple?

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was unaware of how insatiable feelings could be. He was content now, but he wouldn’t be able to imagine that this satisfaction would quickly dim as time passed and he’d be less and less content, wanting even more.

That’s because there was no end to one’s desires and that was so for the greed he had towards her.

Ye Chenyuan suppressed the stirrings in his heart and held Yuan Chu in his embrace contentedly. As his eyes slowly closed shut, the bright red dot on his forehead gradually faded and he regained the elegance of a banished immortal with no trace of the evil aura he previously exuded, becoming a mere youth.

After he’d fallen asleep, a round thing appeared out of thin air, rolling and rolling until it rolled into Yuan Chu’s arms. The white thing stopped moving once it had found a comfortable position in Yuan Chu’s arms. Ye Chenyuan was hugging Yuan Chu, Yuan Chu was hugging the thing, just like a family of three.

Not to mention how warm it was.

Two hours later, Yuan Chu woke up and frowned when she felt a strange object. She fixed her eyes on it, then started yelling.


No way?! Yuan Chu swiftly huddled at the foot of the bed. She had laid an egg?!

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