TDCM Chapter 70: Even If It’s For A Lifetime

Yuan Chu was internally congratulating herself for escaping from this calamity, so when she suddenly heard him say this, she tensed up again.

“What is it?”

Venerable Li gave it some thought before saying awkwardly, “In this period of time when you were absent, Little Yuan met a guy and he seems to have feelings towards that man, even kissing him!”

Yuan Chu froze, why was it this same issue!

Venerable Li said with a sigh, “Although I think he was only trying to force him to leave, but he had kissed that man twice and he actually didn’t show any disgust so I’m thinking that Little Yuan might be gay.”

He frowned as he said this.

Yuan Chu heaved a huge sigh, “So that’s what he was referring to, a master won’t be able to control a disciple that has grown up, there’s advantages to being a disciple’s disciple. Don’t think too much about it.”

Venerable Li looked at her in shock when he heard this. It was obvious that he hadn’t expected Yuan Chu to react like this after hearing about this matter. Shouldn’t she fly into a rage? Shouldn’t her blood be boiling?

He couldn’t come to terms with it and said, “Everything else is fine but what’s up with two males? You have to guide him on this issue, you are his master, you can’t let him fool around like this!”

Yuan Chu really wanted to avoid this awkward topic so she said uneasily.

“How about this! I’ll talk to him about this sometime and when I meet a pretty lady I’ll also introduce her to him. But that’s not the most important thing right now so can we talk about this next time?”

Venerable Li nodded and said, “This isn’t a trivial matter and while Little Yuan is only showing the first signs, we have to correct his thinking!”

“Sure sure sure, you’re right” Yuan Chu hurriedly chimed in.

Seeing her good attitude, Venerable Li let her off for now and Yuan Chu heaved a sigh of relief. She’d finally managed to slip away!

Two days later, Ye Chenyuan awoke in the Heavenly Ship.

When he woke up and saw that he was on Yuan Chu’s aerial spiritual tool, he suddenly recalled what had happened before he fell asleep. His face instantly flushed red.

D*mn it! He’d actually revealed such a weak image in front of his master?! D*mn, would master think that he was too mentally weak and incapable of shouldering heavy tasks?

Ye Chenyuan became increasingly worried the more he thought about it. He’d clearly wanted to only show Yuan Chu his best self, why did this happen?!

What he didn’t know was that, it was only when one truly trusted another person that they would have no reservations in front of them, even unknowingly becoming like a child in front of her.

“You’re awake!” When Yuan Chu returned to see that Ye Chenyuan had awoken, she hurriedly put a small table on the bed and passed him her own lunch.

“Here, have some water, eat something.”

A trace of embarrassment appeared on Ye Chenyuan’s pale and exquisite face when he saw her. He only wished that his master could have an amnestic episode and forget everything she had said to comfort him before he became unconscious.

Yuan Chu sensed his mixed feelings and held out the roast pigeon in her hands before saying earnestly, “Are you still feeling down?”

Ye Chenyuan promptly shook his head, “No, I’m not.”

As he looked at Yuan Chu, his sparkling eyes regained their shine.

“Master, please don’t worry. I’ve already thought things through and regardless of what has happened to my mother, I’ll definitely find her!”

“En, I’m relieved that you think this way!”

Yuan Chu heaved a sigh of relief. She then jumped onto his bed and happily swung her tiny legs that dangled off the side of his bed.

“Don’t worry, just do whatever you want to do! After all, you have me as your strongest backing!”


Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan looked at her intensely but he eventually swallowed his words of thanks and only said, “Master hasn’t eaten right? Please eat too.”

Saying this, he tore off the pigeon’s leg and handed it to her. Seeing this, Yuan Chu held onto his hand before taking a bite directly from his hand. She then narrowed her eyes as she smiled contentedly.

“You eat too! I’m actually not that hungry!” She had only hunted a bird to satisfy her cravings.

As someone who had already abstained from food, Ye Chenyuan didn’t actually need to eat anything but with Yuan Chu here and seeing her eating so deliciously, he also felt like eating.

So after he used a cleaning art on himself, he started to tear the roasted meat on the plate into pieces, reaching across the little square table to feed Yuan Chu and occasionally eating a piece himself.

Yuan Chu was used to Ye Chenyuan taking care of her and didn’t find anything wrong with Ye Chenyuan feeding her like this. After all, Ye Chenyuan had been the one looking after her for all these years.

When Yuan Chu felt thirsty, Ye Chenyuan would instantly pass her water. When it felt too cloying, soul fruits would be offered to her shortly.

Seeing how much Yuan Chu was enjoying the food, Ye Chenyuan retrieved some pastries from his interspatial ring.

He wore an interspatial ring that was specially for storing things like a griller, condiments, soul fruits and pastries, it had everything that was needed! Yuan Chu only needed to enjoy them.

After she was half full, Yuan Chu suddenly stuck out her tongue and said dejectedly, “The meat you roast is tastier, why isn’t mine as tasty as yours?”

Why was that so?

Perhaps that was because when roasting the meat, Ye Chenyuan would take the trouble to flip the meat, meticulously brush honey onto every corner of the food and season it.

Perhaps it was because Ye Chenyuan would first salt the less tasty parts of the meat and season it with spices that suited her taste.

Perhaps most importantly, was because the food he made contained the feelings he held for her, the feelings that he couldn’t voice out.

Ye Chenyuan smiled wordlessly and tore a small piece of meat before putting it into his mouth. He looked at her with penetrating eyes that were imbued with a soft lustre.

“It’s alright, the food that master makes is also very tasty.”

“Really?” With someone giving her face, Yuan Chu’s enthusiasm was roused, “Then why don’t I make all your food in the future?! Here, don’t just feed me, have some too. This pigeon is already at the fourth rank and its meat will benefit your body!”

As she said this, Yuan Chu pushed all the remaining food in front of Ye Chenyuan. He’s too skinny. He still had meat on him when he was younger but she didn’t know if it was because he was too occupied with taking care of her, she had retained her chubby cheeks while he had gradually slimmed down and didn’t gain weight no matter how much she fed him.

Her heart would ache whenever she recalled the hardships that Ye Chenyuan had endured in his childhood, having to go hungry, having to remain silent when he was being beaten and humiliated by others but still being thoughtful enough to take care of his aunt who was older than himself. Such a sensible and lovable child deserves to be the male lead indeed!

Ye Chenyuan was slightly overwhelmed by Yuan Chu’s unexpected consideration for him. Master hadn’t bothered about all these before, why was she so active today?

He instinctively said, “Master, it’s fine. I’ve already abstained from eating, let me take care of you in the future!”

Yuan Chu touched her thick hair embarrassedly, “That won’t do, wouldn’t it seem like I’m treating you like a slave?”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan revealed a stunning smile. It sparkled like the gleaming reflection of waves in the sunlight, like the blooming of luxuriant flowers.

“I’m willing to be enslaved by master.” even if it’s for a lifetime, it’s fine.

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