TDCM Chapter 69: Monopolise

Besides, Hunyuan Sect was guarded by three Nascent Soul experts and with their current strength, they weren’t their match.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was still in low spirits, Yuan Chu spoke into his left ear in a serious tone.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be a way. I promise.” She really wasn’t lying.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t respond and only tightened his hold around her.

Yuan Chu’s embrace made him feel better but because his injuries were too severe, he fell asleep as he hugged Yuan Chu.

It was only now that Venerable Li turned into a green mist that exited from between his brows. He then looked at him and sighed.

“Ai, for Little Yuan to have gone through all these at such a young age, it’s been tough on him.”

When he was Ye Chenyuan’s age, he hung out with his alchemy furnace all day and occasionally peeped at his senior sister. His days were simple and full, free from vexing matters.

After supporting Ye Chenyuan to lie down, Yuan Chu also heaved a sigh.

In her previous life, she only saw Ye Chenyuan’s arrogance and jaw dropping awesomeness, and didn’t expect that he would’ve experienced so much troubles in his childhood and youth.

Yuan Chu said, “Tell me, what was life like for Ye Chenyuan before he met me?”

Although she knew the gist of things, but right now, she wanted to understand more of Ye Chenyuan’s past.

Venerable Li didn’t refuse and told her about Ye Chenyuan’s childhood.

“Little Yuan had actually activated the Sky Pearl when he was five but he didn’t have any spiritual energy and I had just awoken so he didn’t know of my existence.”

Venerable Li felt like cursing when he thought about that time, “That Ye family is really inhumane. For some reason, everyone bullied him and if he dared to resist, he would not be given food for several days. Not just him, that aunt named Ye Tianyin would also be bullied. There was one time where Little Yuan was so hungry that he went to the kitchen to steal food. That was his first time stealing something and he had struggled against it for a long time, hiding in the kitchen cabinet for a whole afternoon before stealing a steamed bun from under the servant’s nose.”

“Back then, I had thought that a single steamed bun wouldn’t be enough to ease his severe hunger. He seemed to think that too, so he didn’t eat it.”

“Why didn’t he eat it?” Yuan Chu frowned as she asked.

Venerable Li said with a sigh, “That was what I thought too, but afterwards, he gave that steamed bun to Ye Tianyin and told his very first lie, telling her that he had already eaten.”

“Ye Tianyin didn’t think that Little Yuan would lie and she was really hungry so she ate the steamed bun. After that, Little Yuan was too hungry to fall asleep so he ran to the courtyard and plucked flowers and plants to eat.”

Venerable Li paused before smiling “I asked him about this afterwards and even asked what the flowers and plants tasted like. After all, there were many instances where Little Yuan had to go hungry and it had been more than once or twice where he had eaten flowers and plants.”

“Who knew that this silly child would reply that he had been so hungry that the bitter grass actually tasted sweet to him. He even said that sunflower petals are the tastiest but he couldn’t pluck them for his Aunt because she would definitely cry if she knew that he was going behind her back and appeasing his hunger by eating these things.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Undoubtedly, he had an honourable status but had lived lesser than an animal within his clan. He had never spoken about these experiences.

Venerable Li told her about numerous incidents before finally saying, “Little Yuan has always been very sensible. He knew that he had implicated the people around him so be it his mother or his aunt, he would always make great efforts in order not to cause more trouble for them.”

“Also, although I said that they were taking care of him, the truth is that, with one of them in frail health and the other without spiritual energy, more often than not, it was Little Yuan taking care of them. Perhaps in his heart, it doesn’t matter even if they’re unable to do anything, as long as they were willing to side with him, he would be grateful. That is why, even after so much time has passed, he still remembers their kindness.”

Venerable Li looked at the side of Ye Chenyuan’s sleeping face and sighed.

“He’s too emotional because since he was young, he had received too little and lost too much, resulting in his current character of being unwilling to let go once he receives something.”

What Venerable Li was actually talking about was the incident where Ye Chenyuan insisted on acknowledging Yuan Chu as his master. Towards her, wasn’t he also unwilling to let go or even share?

Yuan Chu patted her face forcefully.

However, her red eyes still betrayed her, so annoying! Why does she suddenly feel like torching the Ye family?

Also, it’ll be great if she could’ve been by his side when he was growing up, she wouldn’t have let him experience such hardships!

“I’ve decided! I want to help him rescue that woman!” Lofty aspirations surged in Yuan Chu’s heart.

She knew the storyline and was clear that that woman would die, and it would be a tragic death, right in front of Ye Chenyuan. But that won’t happen now! Because how could someone that she, the distinguished Yuan Chu wanted to save, die? She wanted to change her fate!

Venerable Li nodded, “We can try, but how do we find Hunyuan Sect?”

Yuan Chu rubbed her chin as she recalled the events that she knew about. This Hunyuan Sect was later wiped out by Ye Chenyuan. How did he find them back then? It seemed like he ran into a young princess who had escaped from Hunyuan Sect.

Counting the days, the young princess shouldn’t have been abducted by Hunyuan Sect yet.

“I have an idea!”

Venerable Li looked at her dubiously, “What idea do you have?”

Yuan Chu laughed mischievously. She just had to locate that woman and follow her, then they’d be able to wait for Hunyuan Sect to abduct her. When the moment comes, they’d be able to find that evil sect, she was so clever!

Yuan Chu waved her hand, “You don’t have to bother yourself with this, just leave it to me!”

Venerable Li sized her up doubtfully. After a moment, he suddenly asked.

“Right, shouldn’t you be at Myriad Sword Sect right now? Why are you here?”

Yuan Chu’s smile became stiff, “I-I missed you all so I came to take a look!”

“Really?” Venerable Li circled Yuan Chu as he flitted here and there, “Tell me the truth, that Yue Chengou from before, was that you in disguise? It really looked like you.”

Yuan Chu almost jumped up when she heard this.

“Wh-what Yue Chengou? Don’t know, I don’t know him!”

Whenever she thought of Yue Chengou, she would recall the kiss she shared with Ye Chenyuan as he pressed on her. Hearing Venerable Li’s tone, could they have long suspected her?

Stay calm! It must only be a suspicion. After all, if Ye Chenyuan knew that she was Yue Chengou, how would he still dare to kiss her?

And he even kissed her twice!

Just as Yuan Chu was thinking this, Venerable Li thought aloud to himself.

“It really wasn’t you? True, that clam will only open with a man’s kiss, it seems like my speculation was wrong.”

In any case, Venerable Li had already pegged that one-heart clam as a l*wd clam that only men could open. He then thought of something and his expression became especially perplexed.

“Erm…Little Chu, I have something to tell you, you have to remain calm!”

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