TDCM Chapter 68: It Hurts Here

However, he was soon unable to ponder over this because Ye Chenyuan was closing in on him, step by step.

The aura of death that came from him actually caused the broken stones surrounding them to start shuddering, his black hair moved although there wasn’t any wind and the blood on his body was like hell’s raging inferno that could destroy everything.

“Don’t, don’t kill me! I- I have a way to save your mother, don’t kill me!”

But Ye Chenyuan didn’t want to hear another word from him anymore. His aunt and his mother’s enmity could only be repaid with Ye Baichuan’s life.

The blood-curdling scream came to an abrupt end and Yuan Chu’s gaze faltered as Ye Chenyuan chopped off Ye Baichuan’s head.

The blood had splattered all over him but his heartbeat was extremely slow.

It wasn’t his first time killing someone but it was his first time killing a relative. Although they weren’t close, they were still blood related.

“Let’s go.” Yuan Chu tugged on Ye Chenyuan, “Tidal Kingdom will be sending people here soon.”

Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu and nodded.

But at this moment, from behind the only boulder that was still standing in the courtyard, a pale and beautiful young girl walked out.

It turns out that Gu Qingke hadn’t fled but had instead hidden herself. Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was about to leave, she suppressed her fear and came out.

“Brother Chenyuan.”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her, profound weariness appearing on his bloodied but exquisite face.

“Sorry, I’ve scared you just now.”

His previous actions had created quite a stir and Gu Qingke must’ve been frightened but besides this one sentence, he didn’t have the strength to say anything else at this moment.

“The Ye family aren’t kind people, you should return home.”

There weren’t many people in the Ye family’s old residence. Other than Ye Baichuan who was guarding this place, Ye family’s core forces had gone to the first-rate kingdoms. He could only hope that his actions wouldn’t implicate the Gu family, that they wouldn’t receive retaliation from the Ye family.

Gu Qingke looked at him, looking like she’d been put on the spot, then looked at Yuan Chu, before suddenly holding onto his hand.

“Brother Chenyuan, come with me! My clan will protect you, Ye family absolutely wouldn’t dare to act rashly!”

Ye Chenyuan frowned, then he pried open her fingers one by one.

“Cousin, I’m sorry. I’ve already joined a sect and won’t leave with anyone other than my master.”

It was only then that Gu Qingke knew that the little girl in front of her was actually Ye Chenyuan’s master!

Her eyes dimmed. She knew that Yuan Chu was very powerful and guessed that she was an old hag that took the corporeal form of a child. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to take Ye Chenyuan away when she was around, she lowered her head and stepped aside.

If it was in the past, Yuan Chu would’ve been in the mood to tease Gu Qingke but right now, it was obvious that Ye Chenyuan was in an extremely bad mood so she didn’t dare to remain here and immediately brought Ye Chenyuan away from this dismal place. They shouldn’t return here in the future!


On board the Heavenly Ship, Yuan Chu was wiping Ye Chenyuan’s fingers. Ye Chenyuan had already taken medicinal pills and his more serious injuries had been suppressed but his entire person was blank, his profound eyes were infinitely empty as he thought about something.

That’s right, Ye Chenyuan must be feeling terrible after receiving such news. What should she do?

Yuan Chu racked her brains but just as she was about to say something, Ye Chenyuan suddenly spoke.

“Master, thank you for saving me.”

Yuan Chu said with a frown, “There’s no need to mention thanks between the two of us.”

Ye Chenyuan gave her a wry smile. His appearance that was as handsome as a banished immortal dimmed, carrying hints of self mockery.

“I didn’t want master to see those people from the Ye family. They do not deserve to appear before master’s eye.”

Yuan Chu pursed her lips, “Actually, it’s fine.”

She said earnestly, “I won’t have any opinions about you because of them, you are you!”

When he heard this, Ye Chenyuan looked at her, the corners of his eyes were slightly red.

“Master, did you know?”

He smiled, his expression exceedingly self-reproachful.

“When I was five, my mother was taken away. She told me that just because she had a Pure Yin Physique, the Ye family wanted to marry her off to be the furnace for an old Nascent Soul whose life was nearing its end. Mother didn’t want to marry him and had been crying as she left.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu lowered her head sadly and grasped his hand. Ye Chenyuan also gripped hers tightly.

“All these years, I truly thought that she had married an old man, that was really what I believed.”

At least this way, she’d be able to escape from the Ye family’s bonds and he’d be able to bring her back after he became stronger. But who knew that she’d actually entered the demon’s den? At that place where not even bones remain of a person, after so many years have already passed, would she still be alive?

Ye Chenyuan laughed grimly, “And my aunt.”

“Aunt was just unfavoured to begin with and although she lived a poor and simple life, she was doing okay but because of me, because she pitied and took care of me, she became an eyesore to the Ye family. Their deaths are all my fault.”

Ye Chenyuan’s exquisite pair of eyes shut tightly and a pained expression appeared on his face.

“I not only brought harm on the people closest to me, but also on those who saved me and those who offered me shelter. Maybe I’m an inauspicious person and anyone who comes close will come to a bad end!”

“That’s not true!”

Yuan Chu interrupted him, seething, “If you were really inauspicious, I should’ve been the first to be jinxed! But aren’t I still alive and well?”

“Master!” Ye Chenyuan didn’t like her cursing herself.

“Ye Chenyuan.”

Yuan Chu suddenly called his name. This was the first time she’d called his name so solemnly and earnestly. That round and shiny pair of dark eyes looked at him, as if it were looking at the whole world.

“Your mother’s situation isn’t your fault. You came to find her once you were a Foundation Building Cultivator. You didn’t do anything wrong!”

“I should’ve returned earlier.”

“So what if you returned earlier?” Yuan Chu said, “If you return before you’re strong enough, you might even lose your own life, not to mention saving her.”


Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu with wide eyes, revealing his confusion and helplessness for the first time as he pointed to his heart.

“But it hurts right here!” As if he would’ve been able to save his mother from the abyss of misery if he’d returned earlier and found out the truth earlier.

Although his mother had left when he was five, he would feel intense guilt whenever he thought of the unwillingness in her eyes when she was forced to marry.

Seeing him like this, Yuan Chu suddenly reached out and embraced him.

With him sitting and her standing, this height difference was slightly taxing but she did her best to embrace him as she patted his back.

“Be good, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

When she was young, Venerable Sect Master would hug and coax her, then she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

“Master.” Ye Chenyuan hugged her tightly, all the things he wanted to say were reduced to this one word. He was only fourteen after all, and will hurt when he meets with any mishap. Fortunately, he still had her.

“She might not have died, we still have a chance right?” Yuan Chu said softly.

Ye Chenyuan didn’t reply. Hunyuan Sect committed all kinds of evil acts and had hidden their tracks so well that the empire had several failed attempts at eradicating this cancer because they couldn’t find them. So how would they be able to find them?

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