TDCM Chapter 67: Spirit Trapping Talisman

Ye Baichuan was unmoved by Ye Chenyuan’s words. A moment later, he sneered and with a gruff voice, he said angrily: “It doesn’t matter how disgusted you feel! Ye family’s blood flows in you! You’re disloyal and unfilial, killed your relatives and defied your elders, how much better than us do you think you are?”

Ye Chenyuan sneered, “You’re right.”

The long sword in his hand glided across Ye Baichuan’s neck, the sword’s shining white blade brought out a thread of blood, dangerous like a maggot that grew near the bones[1].

“I’m as cruel as all the Ye family members so you better not challenge my patience. Now, tell me, where is my mother?”

The bone-chilling killing intent gave Ye Baichuan goosebumps! He was really scared, although he wouldn’t die that easily, being held hostage by Ye Chenyuan gave him a suffocating feeling of being held in the mouth of a beast!

His only regret was miscalculating that Ye Chenyuan would be so powerful when he was only a Foundation Building Cultivator!

“Alright, I’ll tell you. Y-you can’t kill me! Otherwise I won’t let you off easy even if I have to fight you to the death!”

Ye Chenyuan sneered, “You’re not qualified to negotiate terms with me right now.”

He exerted more strength in his hands, “Speak!”

Ye Baichuan was startled and hastily replied in a loud voice, “She has married Hunyuan Demon Patriarch!”

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes widened instantly when he heard what was said!


Ye Baichuan said resentfully in a hoarse voice: “It’s Hunyuan Demon Patriarch, I’ve already told you, now let me go!”

But Ye Chenyuan could no longer hear him. Hunyuan Demon Patriarch, it turned out to be Hunyuan Demon Patriarch! That was the Sect Master of the Demon Sect that everyone was out to kill, how could the Ye Family have any relations with them?

Hunyuan Sect members are all perverts! Their method of cultivation includes tormenting women and taking in their resentment. The more the woman suffered, the faster they were able to cultivate! So every woman who set foot in there either went insane or became stupid!

Ye Baichuan actually sold his mother to such a place for benefit? Back then, didn’t they say that they were forcing his mother to marry and be the furnace of a Nascent Soul who was reaching the end of his life?!

Seeing Ye Chenyuan’s pale and extremely terrifying expression, Ye Baichuan became a little scared and trembled, “You, let me tell you, if you dare to kill me, everyone in the Ye family will not let you off! You have to know that most of the Ye family members are currently out there, placed in important positions by aristocratic families that have made meritorious contributions to the country! If you don’t want to be jointly pursued and killed by first-rate kingdoms[2], y-you should”

“How dare you?!”

Ye Chenyuan had practically said these few words through gritted teeth. His eyes were red and he suddenly raised his long sword and slashed towards Ye Baichuan.

Ye Baichuan was frightened! He narrowly avoided Ye Chenyuan’s attack and his face twitched before he said fearfully.

“You can’t blame me! If you have to blame, blame it on her Pure Yin Physique, it was Hunyuan Demon Patriarch who took a fancy to her!”

“You, shut up!!”

Hearing Ye Baichuan’s words, Ye Chenyuan’s gaze became even more terrifying. The knuckles on his hand that gripped the hilt of his sword had turned white and he became even more merciless!

He couldn’t understand why, his mother was Ye Baichuan’s daughter-in-law! How could he do that? He can only say that beasts don’t have humanity and are willing to even sell their souls, let alone selling others?

The two exchanged blows once more and everyone else from the Ye family took this opportunity to run away. The courtyard had been destroyed to the point that its original appearance couldn’t be made out anymore. The rumbling sound of the place being wrecked never stopped and this time, it was clear that Ye Baichuan was at a disadvantage.

In order to survive, Ye Baichuan didn’t care about hiding his secrets anymore and when Ye Chenyuan aggressively slashed his sword towards him, he didn’t avoid it this time and instead gathered his power and met him head on.

“Oh no! Be careful!”

When Venerable Li spoke out to warn him, it was already too late and he could only watch as Ye Baichuan took the risk of being slashed by Ye Chenyuan and used all his spiritual powers to slap a high grade talisman onto Ye Chenyuan.

His cultivation was higher than Ye Chenyuan’s and it was very difficult for Ye Chenyuan to avoid his suicidal counterattack. However, he didn’t meet with a good end either and three of his fingers were ruthlessly cut off by Ye Chenyuan’s sword.

Ye Baichuan’s miserable howl immediately filled the air. Clutching his severed fingers, he knelt on the ground and glared fiercely at Ye Chenyuan.

On the other hand, the moment the talisman was slapped onto Ye Chenyuan’s body, he was trapped! That was a Grade Seven Spirit Trapping Talisman, a high grade talisman that even an Early Stage Nascent Soul might not be able to free themselves from!

“Hiss, how hateful! You evil b*stard, I bet you didn’t think that I would have such a good item with me!”

Ye Baichuan covered his bloody hand as he looked at him with a sly smile.

The Spirit Trapping Talisman turned into numerous lightning bolts that wrapped around Ye Chenyuan. The immortal grade shield, Lingtian Shield flashed a few times before dulling, then Ye Chenyuan was bound by the lightning!

“Stop struggling!” Ye Baichuan stood up with trembling legs. It was unprecedented for a distinguished Late Stage Golden Core Formation to be tormented to this point by a Foundation Building Cultivator.

“Trapped by the Spirit Trapping Talisman, you won’t be able to escape into an Interspatial Ring even if you have it. Great! Every good thing you have on you is now mine!”

As he said this, his expression had become warped due to his excitement. Once he thought about attaining Ye Chenyuan’s Interspatial Ring, he even forgot about the death of his most beloved son!

But as he reached out to grab Ye Chenyuan, a barrier suddenly appeared in front of him.

Out of thin air, a fair hand reached and grabbed onto that talisman, and that spiritual talisman that should’ve been securely stamped onto Ye Chenyuan’s body was abruptly tossed away with a nuance of venting.

The instant the talisman was removed, the electric currents left Ye Chenyuan and wrapped around her body, chaining her up securely. As the lightning flashed and crackled, the expression on Yuan Chu’s face was extremely foul.

“You, actually dare to injure my disciple?!”

She tightened her fist and the lightning from the Spirit Trapping Talisman that was grasped in her hand instantly intensified. In the midst of the dazzling violet rays, the look in her eyes was as scary as a ferocious beasts’.

In the next second, golden rays flashed from her hand and as if something had been crushed to pieces, the lightning completely disappeared and the talisman turned into a pile of powder.

“D*mn you!”


The instant he saw Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan’s raging heart immediately calmed down and he held onto Yuan Chu.

“Let me do it.”

Yuan Chu had come to watch a show but unexpectedly, she saw that Ye Chenyuan had sustained serious injuries so without further thought, she came out to abuse the slag. Now that Ye Chenyuan was holding onto her, her eyes revealed her concern: “In your current state, can you still do it?”

Ye Chenyuan’s injury was quite serious after all. Although it couldn’t be seen from his appearance, Ye Chenyuan had a large depression in his chest and his spiritual energy was in a state of extreme chaos, showing that his internal injuries were very serious.

Ye Chenyuan nodded as his chilly gaze fell on Ye Baichuan’s trembling figure and he suddenly revealed a smile.

“I can.”

Yuan Chu’s sudden appearance scared Ye Baichuan so much that he was already deathly pale. That was a grade seven talisman! This little girl that came out of nowhere actually crushed it with her hands, what monstrosity was she?!

1. 跗骨之蛆 – I’m not too sure whether this is referring to an actual maggot, because this is xianxia after all, but if it’s not referring to an actual maggot, it’s referring to a “hostile force that invaded and is difficult to get rid of”
2. 一等国 – I know that ‘first-rate kingdom’ is a weird translation but I can’t think of anything else. Besides, ‘二等国’ is mentioned later and it’s described as less prosperous than ‘一等国’ so…yeah.
(一 one ; 二 two)

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  1. Thank you sooooo much for picking up this novel. This story is such a gem and I am going to binge read your translations!!!


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