CHQY Chapter 10: A Gathering of Talented Individuals

The white silk was about a foot wide and made of unknown material. It didn’t look like normal silk, its colour was icy like snow and it sparkled from the moonlight it reflected, magnificent and beautiful. It was obviously something that was soft and light but now that it was controlled by powerful internal forces, it seemed to have a life of its own. It was perfectly straight, solid and sharp like a knife. Like its name, Duo Qing[1]. Since the ancient times, how many beautiful things have arisen because of it, but as long as there’s a moment of carelessness, it’s inevitable that one would get injured by it.

Beauty gege’s weapon is so cool! Lei Lei was open mouthed.

The Duo Qing Silk was about to latch onto the Feng Ming Sword but unexpectedly, it was at this moment that the Feng Ming Sword flew up and evaded the Duo Qing Silk, soaring towards the gongzi.

It was obvious that Shang Guan Qiu Yue hadn’t expected this: “Ice Silk!”

It turns out that the Feng Ming Sword had a single thread of silver that was extremely thin and tough. With the sword in his hand, the gongzi darted wordlessly, wielding his sword towards Duo Qing Silk.

In an instant, Duo Qing Silk became soft and lithe like a wandering snake as it coiled towards the Feng Ming Sword. This was what the gongzi had hoped for and the moment the silk wrapped around the sword, he twisted the blade inwards.

The Feng Ming Sword was casted from the essence of cold iron from the bottom of the sea and was extremely sharp, to the point that normal swords would be cut by it. However, the Duo Qing Silk was also not of usual toughness. Not only did it not get severed, it instead created a strange friction sound that was very ear piercing, as if it was metal against metal.

The gongzi was slightly surprised: “So the Duo Qing Silk is weaved from Ice Silk?”

Ice Silk was known to be very pliant yet tough. When it’s made into clothing, neither swords nor spears would be able to pierce it and it was the dream treasure of everyone in the martial arts circle. Back then, it was already considered rare for Xiao Yuan to have found a single thread. How much was needed in order to weave such a long piece of white silk? It’s obvious that this Duo Qing Silk could be considered one of the most valuable weapons in Jianghu.

With a sneer, Shang Guan Qiu Yue kept the silk back into his sleeve, smiling as he said: “I’ve long heard that the Xiao family’s final sword form, ‘Xiao Xiao Feng Ming’ has matchless power. I’ve set my mind on dueling with it but the time has yet to come.”

His figure swept away, graceful like a floating cloud beyond the highest heavens.

“Thinking of leaving?” With the score yet to be settled, the gongzi was unwilling to give up and was about to give chase.

With gege on one side and “Xiao Bai” on the other, it would be terrible if it ended in a draw with injuries on both sides so Lei Lei quickly grabbed onto him: “Don’t, don’t go after him!”

The gongzi watched helplessly as Shang Guan Qiu Yue left while he was held back by his arms. Anxious, he said furiously: “This devil wreaks havoc in Jianghu, there’ll be endless trouble in the future if I don’t get rid of him right now!” he shrugged her off and made a move to leave.

Anxious, Lei Lei threw herself towards him with open arms, hugging him tightly. She then looked up at him pitifully, with pure eyes like an innocent little deer, blinking as she said: “I’m afraid to be left alone.”

After saying this, she felt goosebumps all over her body. No way, this line is too Lei, but she had no other choice in this situation! Her eyes suddenly landed on the bloodstains on the ground and she shivered, hugging the gongzi even tighter. Laoniang is actually kind of scared……

The gongzi also realised that it wouldn’t be proper to leave her behind and seeing that his enemy had gone too far by now, he had no other choice: “Let go.”

Lei Lei refused, burying her face into his chest: “What if you leave me behind, all alone, and Qian Yue Cave’s demon girls return? I’ll be captured and brought away again!”

Seeing her extreme fear, the gongzi could only comfort her with a gentle voice: “I won’t go.”

“You’re the best.”Lei Lei rubbed against his chest before reluctantly letting go.

With his handsome face slightly flushed red, the gongzi glanced at her before sheathing his sword: “Let’s go back.”


Stepping on the pale white radiance, the two walked along a mountain trail.

Would anyone be lively after going through an abduction? After keeping an eye on her for awhile, the gongzi couldn’t hold back anymore: “You……are you alright?”

“Me? I’m alright!” Lei Lei was in a good mood, changing the subject, “Why can’t your Feng Ming Sword be used to kill women?”

The gongzi was reassured, shaking his head: “It was my father’s last will, I’m not too sure about the reason either.”

“That was a close call. If you didn’t have a backup plan, your treasured sword would’ve been snatched by him!”

The gongzi scoffed: “How can Xiao family’s Feng Ming Sword be so easily obtained by the evil faction, I’m not the only one that Shang Guan Qiu Yue wants to deal with, if the Feng Ming Sword were to fall into his hands, I’m afraid that neither of us would’ve been able to leave.”

Lei Lei sighed: “So you already had a plan, clever!” Beauty gege was even cleverer. What he wanted wasn’t the sword, the whole situation had been accounted for in his plan, to have you take the trouble to “save” me. Look, he has already succeeded in planting a spy beside you.

But it’s alright, “Xiao Bai” did well today, I’ll definitely not bring you harm.

Should she tell him the truth? This thought was immediately squashed once it flashed in her mind.

Shang Guan Qiu Yue treats his meimei pretty well and she would feel sorry about betraying him. Besides, this Shang Guan Chun Hua seemed to have a hobby of digging out people’s eyes and she didn’t know how many lives had been ended by her. There was a ninety nine percent chance that “Xiao Bai’s” wife Hua Guniang had also been killed by her. If she were tied to this homicide, with “Xiao Bai’s” hatred for evil and with how set in his ways he was, would he believe that her soul had been switched and let her off?

After careful consideration, Lei Lei realised that it would be best if she continued with her pretense of having amnesia.

Really, it had to be lei even if she didn’t want it to!


Everyone in Bai Sheng Manor was overjoyed to see the two return safely. Even Steward Zhao made an exception and gave the kitchen more money to let Aunty Hong make a special meal to celebrate Lei Lei’s safe return. Lei Lei felt extremely comforted and narrated to them a dramatised version of her “unfortunate experience” at Qian Yue Cave and the gongzi’s solo rescue. Everyone listened to her with high spirits, breathless with wonder when she reached the part where Shang Guan Qiu Yue used his Duo Qing Silk.

“That Duo Qing Silk is also a treasure of the martial arts world. It’s weaved from Ice Silk and is on par with your gongzi’s Feng Ming Sword. Shang Guan Qiu Yue is highly skilled in martial arts……”

Someone interrupted her: “What does Shang Guan Qiu Yue look like?”

Lei Lei gave it some thought: “Not bad.”

Everyone was dissatisfied: “Must be extremely ugly, what does not bad even mean!”

Lei Lei felt indignant on beauty gege’s behalf: “No, he’s really good-looking!”

“Shang Guan Qiu Yue is good-looking?” someone slammed the table, questioning: “There must be something wrong with your eyes, stop making things up!”

Everyone laughed and started to doubt the credibility of her story: “This girl, you must’ve not been able to see him clearly and is just boasting.”

Lei Lei was speechless. Beauty gege you’ve done too many bad deeds like digging out eyeballs, it’s too ingrained in everyone’s memory. As it spread around, your evil reputation gradually became worse and no one knows about your natural beauty.

Someone pressed her: “What happened next?”

Lei Lei rolled her eyes: “They were evenly matched and Shang Guan Qiu Yue left.”

Everyone answered her with multiple eye rolls: “Nonsense, Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword is matchless, how could the fight have come to a draw!”

Lei Lei hurriedly replied: “Of course, he had yet to use his most powerful move.”

Everyone believed her now, pleased: “He had yet to use his last move but that devil got scared and ran away!”

Thinking that something wasn’t right, Lei Lei tried to correct it but no matter how she emphasised things, everyone was firm in their belief that their gongzi had beaten Shang Guan Qiu Yue.

Tossed between the truth and misunderstanding, the days passed quickly until one day when a few important guests arrived at the manor.


The sunlight was soft and beautiful, the sweet scent of osmanthus wafted around the garden, the Double Ninth Festival[2] was approaching. Such good weather was hard to come by and with the arrival of a few special guests, Bai Sheng Manor became lively.

“Chief He is here!”

“Qin Gongzi was here just now, where did he go?”

“Hurry and look, Nan Hai Faction’s new leader Leng Sheng Yin is also here with his brother!”

Three guests sat at the nearby pavilion. Steward Zhao got a few presentable looking servants to stand in front of the steps. They were all red-faced. Hearing the gongzi’s instructions, the remaining servant girls could only look on from afar as they chatted with excited expressions on their faces.

“Where? Where is Leng Sheng Yin?” Lei Lei pushed her way through the crowd.

Aunty Hong was surprised to see that she was the only one interested in Nan Hai faction’s new leader, pointing to the pavilion in the distance: “He’s seated inside!”

The pavilion’s windows were opened low and wide, a young man sat with his sword across his knees, his expression icy as ever. It really was the handsome assassin from before!

Lei Lei was excited: “Why is he here?”

Beside her, Wang Cong said: “Wasn’t there previously an assassination attempt on Xi Sha faction’s Leader Wen by someone from Nan Hai faction? Chief He spent a great deal of effort to mediate and is worried that the two factions will start creating trouble again so he has brought him along.”

Lei Lei nodded when she heard this. Even though further investigation was needed to find out whether Leng Ying’s murder had been carried out by Xi Sha faction’s Leader Wen, Xi Sha faction’s special palm strike was practically conclusive evidence. Thinking back to that night at Jinjiang City, he must’ve had enough and wanted to avenge his father, so he had come alone to assassinate Wen Ting. It was fortunate that Wen Guniang was there to help cover up for him otherwise, for a faction leader to have attempted an assassination, the situation would have blown out of proportion and been even more difficult to settle.

She then questioned: “Who’s the person dressed in yellow?”

Aunty Hong replied with a smile: “You don’t recognise him? He’s Chief He, that old man.”

He looked to be around thirty years of age, dressed in embroidered brocade robes. Although he couldn’t be compared to the gongzi or Shang Guan Qiu Yue, he appeared dignified, slightly more sophisticated than the gongzi and more righteous than Shang Guan Qiu Yue. Tilting his head as he spoke to Leng Sheng Yin, his expression was gentle with a smile on his lips. He looked extremely kind and amiable but his gaze was awe-inspiring.

Xiao Tai Ping[3], it turns out that Xiao Tai Ping looked like that! Lei Lei’s eyes were shining as she looked at Aunty Hong, such a handsome Chief is also called “old man”? You’re the only one who would call him that!

Before she had time to complain, her attention was pulled to another person.

A man with delicate features dressed in white with a slightly smaller stature than the two next to him. He also looked younger, his hair bound by a black jade hairpin. He had long brows and red lips, a calm expression and an air of grace.

Lei Lei looked at him for awhile before suddenly asking: “Who’s that?”

“Leader Leng’s brother, Leng Zui.”


Something’s wrong! Very very wrong! That skin, that nose, that mouth……doesn’t have an adam’s apple! Lei Lei finally realised something after a long time of secretly observing from beside the window. She almost jumped up in excitement. Interesting, interesting. There’s actually females who disguised themselves as men in these times. This little trick can fool these ancient people but will laoniang fall for this?

“Little girl, what are you doing sneaking around?” A light-hearted voice spoke as a hand patted her head.

Lei Lei turned around instinctively.

To her astonishment, a young man stood behind her, his hair bound by a gold circlet, both eyebrows raised as he looked at her with amusement in his eyes. He looked to be of similar stature and age with the gongzi but his dressing was the total opposite. Resplendent lilac robes with its edges and designs embroidered in gold, a loosely fastened belt, snow white inner clothing that peeked out from under his robes, elegant and unrestrained.

He was overflowing with charm, Lei Lei’s visual senses were about to be overloaded: “Who are you?”

The handsome man doesn’t reply and instead asks: “And who are you?”

“I’m a servant girl,” Lei Lei was anxious to reveal her findings, pulling him over and acting mysterious, “Look at Leader Leng’s brother!”

The handsome man looked over and nodded: “Why?”

Lei Lei scoffed: “You didn’t notice anything wrong?”

With deep interest, the handsome man folded his arms: “Is there anything wrong?”

Lei Lei felt even more disdain for him: “Don’t you think that he looks like a woman?”

“I don’t think so,” the handsome man replied nonchalantly, “She is a woman. Leader Leng’s younger sister, Leng Ning. She often goes out under the name of Leng Zui to meet guests or discuss poems because she doesn’t like her identity as a woman. She’s truly a rare talented female in Jianghu.”

Lei Lei choked.

The handsome man raised an eyebrow.

Lei Lei recovered: “Who are you?”

“I’m Qin Liu Feng.”

Yo, so he’s that Qin Liu Feng? Xiao Tai Ping’s right hand man together with the gongzi. Good looks and free spirited, an extremely popular poet that was known as the number one talented scholar in Jianghu. His Liu Feng Palm Strike is first-class but more importantly, this person was the famous spokesperson for “Su Su Brand Roast Duck”.

Lei Lei swallowed her saliva and sized him up as she thought about the famous roast duck.

Qin Liu Feng suddenly held her hand: “There’s nothing to see here, let’s go, can you bring me in?”

You’re already at the door and you still want me to bring you in? Lei Lei rolled her eyes. Bro, don’t pick up every girl you see, are you Qin Liu Feng or Qin Feng Liu[4]? Of course she wouldn’t reject a handsome man’s advances, holding a guniang’s hand in front of so many people, this person was really open-minded, he could even compete with beauty gege who does things as he liked.


Qin Liu Feng held her hand as they walked in the door, smiling: “When did Brother Xiao find such a smart servant girl? She’s so interesting!”

The gongzi was slightly surprised to see that they had entered hand in hand.

He Tai Ping smiled as he looked at Lei Lei: “Brother Qin has always been open-minded, guniang can leave if you’re busy, don’t bother yourself with him.”

Being close to famous people was different, Xiao Tai Ping was really good-natured. Lei Lei blinked: “I only have to attend to the gongzi, there isn’t anything else I’m busy with.”

He Tai Ping was surprised and looked at the gongzi.

Lei Lei’s attention was on Leng Sheng Yin who sat at the side. Like before, he had an icy look, as if he didn’t recognise her. This angered her. Right. Back then, she’d been forced to save him and the one he should be grateful to is Wen Guniang, of course he wouldn’t appreciate what she had done. It seems like she had saved an ingrate, “Xiao Bai” and Xiao Tai Ping are better!

Qin Liu Feng let go of her and sat himself down: “Such an intelligent servant girl! But I remember that Brother Xiao doesn’t need women to attend to him, it’s a waste for you to remain here, why don’t you come with me?”

He Tai Ping : “Be more prudent, we aren’t at the Qin Residence.”

Qin Liu Feng smiled wordlessly.

Used to his personality, He Tai Ping doesn’t say anything else, only smiling and leaving it at that.

It was just their first meeting, why would the handsome man be so friendly towards her? Lei Lei was contemplating this strange situation when she caught sight of the look of disdain that scholar Leng Zui had, as if it was beneath her to do so. She then laughed when she came to a sudden understanding. It’s obvious that this lady scholar likes scholar Feng Liu but still insists on acting indifferent!

Looking back at Qin Liu Feng, it seems like the smile on his handsome face had grown.

It turns out that he had already known and was trying to pick up this scholar meimei by using laoniang as a catalyst! Lei Lei had seen this cheap trick on television numerous times and was annoyed when she realised this. Arbitrarily making use of others, this man was too unethical. Why don’t laoniang also make use of you, who told you to be so arrogant!

“I had refused to come in just now but Qin Gongzi had insisted and pulled me in.” She walked over with a broad smile, leaning on Qin Liu Feng’s shoulder, “To be able to attend to Qin Gongzi would be my good fortune, of course I’m willing. But our gongzi will have to agree first.”

Qin Liu Feng was taken by surprise to see that she was suddenly taking the lead.

Lei Lei only looked at the gongzi.

The gongzi was silent.

He Tai Ping also realised that something was wrong and was about to speak when Leng Zui suddenly stood up: “Just now, I noticed that the Osmanthus flowers in the garden were blooming well. I’ll go out for a walk first and not disturb your discussions.” She disregarded everyone as she left the room.

Lei Lei was very pleased, straightening up and stepping away once the lady scholar had left, keeping a far distance from Qin Liu Feng.

He hadn’t expected this girl to act like this. Having overreached himself and angered Leng Zui, Qin Liu Feng laughed bitterly, his interest piqued. Looking at the gongzi with intent: “What a girl, is Brother Xiao willing to part with her?”

The gongzi snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Lei Lei.

Lei Lei also looked at him.

The gongzi looked away: “If you……”

You really take laoniang as your person and dare to push me away! Disappointed, Lei Lei immediately shuffled to his side: “I’m such a conscientious worker, of course the gongzi is unwilling to part with me. I presume that Qin Gongzi doesn’t lack people, I’ll remain here to wait on our gongzi. Besides, he was the one who saved my life, I’ve yet to repay this debt of gratitude, how can I leave?”

The gongzi immediately lifted his head to look at her.

Qin Liu Feng smiled: “This girl has a glib tongue.”

He Tai Ping noticed the problem with what she had said: “Saved her life?”

To be able to hold down the position of Chief, there must be something that he excelled at. Grasping this person’s “smiling fox[5]” nature, Lei Lei couldn’t afford to be careless, internally examining the “weak girl with people after her life loses her memories” lie she had prepared. After making ample preparations to deal with the interrogation, she began: “Actually I……”

The gongzi suddenly interrupted her: “I previously saved her when I was on the road. She has lost her memories and doesn’t remember anything.”

Lei Lei had been worried about this key part. As long as they sent someone to Gu Yan Village to check, they would find out about her identity as “Chun Hua”. Even though they had previously looked into it in private, no one had heard of the name Shang Guan Chun Hua. It was like Shang Guan Qiu Yue had said, that she didn’t travel around Jianghu much. But there are no guarantees with all matters, so now that the gongzi was saying this, she was pleasantly surprised. “Xiao Bai” had taken the initiative to speak, showing that he had the intention of helping her to cover it up. Could it be that he had already seen through her lies but was willing to let her freeload anyways?

He Tai Ping looked at her: “Amnesia?”

Lei Lei looked at him calmly: “Yes, I don’t remember anything anymore. My name is also something I just randomly came up with.”

Chief He looked at Qin Liu Feng wordlessly.

Qin Liu Feng looked at her hand and nodded: “She looks like that girl.”

Lei Lei suddenly realised that he might’ve been suspicious of her the whole time and wanted to remove her from Xiao Bai’s side. He’s too insidious!

1. 多情 (duo qing) – Name of Qiu Yue’s weapon, translates to ‘affection’
2. Ninth day of the Ninth Lunar Month
3. Adding this note because I’m worried that this might confuse some. No it’s not a typo, no he’s not related to Xiao Bai, his family name is still “He”. This is the same “Xiao” that Chun Hua refers to Xiao Bai. So, “Xiao Tai Ping” is Chun Hua’s nickname for “He Tai Ping”
4. 风流 (feng liu) ☆ – Means amorous / licentious / promiscuous. In other context, this can also mean refined / free-spirited
5. Outwardly kind but inwardly sly and treacherous

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