An update

So…I’ve been gone for 2 months 😅
Let me just say that I got distracted by douyin (China’s tiktok)
I had downloaded it for Xiao Zhan and Wang Yi Bo fan videos but I ended up discovering something else.
SVSSS cosplays 🥰
and maybe more.

But first, the updates.
I had initially planned a single post about my thoughts on the story, then Scumbag System came out and I decided to add my thoughts on all ten chapters…but it wasn’t long before I got distracted by douyin.
And now I’ve decided that I’ll be making chaptered posts. I feel like I shouldn’t because I’ve yet to complete the other posts I want to write but…oh well 🤷‍♀️💁‍♀️
Anyways, after “reading” SVSSS and watching Scumbag System, I’ve discovered a whole different kind of joy. I’d thought that I wouldn’t be too emotional over it because I already knew the plot but I was even more hyped for it, excited to see the book come to live, excited to spot the differences.
Which is why I’m pushing TGCF all the way back, and will not be touching it until I’m done with everything else I’ve piled onto myself. It’s the only one I have left 😢 the one remaining mxtx novel that I can read without being spoiled prior.
I’ll start on CQL soon, my draft for chapter one has been sitting in my drafts since Jul’19 with only two paragraphs written – this is ridiculous so I’m putting this out there. GET CHAPTER 1 OUT BEFORE THE END OF 2020 OR YOU’RE A 🦔!!
Anyway, I’m planning to watch CQL, then “read” the novel, then watch MDZS.
Oh and…I might or might not have panicked during taobao’s 11.11 sale and…uhmm…
bought every CQL cosplay available? #noregrets #notacoser
(And I say ‘panic’ because they indicated that they will not be restocking)
So…I previously mentioned douyin right?
Their algorithm’s really clever and learned from the SVSSS, MDZS and TGCF cosplays I was watching…and recommended me another BL novel, which I casually started on (this was also how I started on SVSSS’ novel…I’ve got to stop casually starting things…)

A small detour: I can’t remember if I’d mentioned this before but a few months ago, I found a chinese app where people uploaded their readings of various novels, kind of like an audio book, but quality-not-guaranteed. This was where I “read” SVSSS and I didn’t realise it before, but they would sometimes omit out certain parts so that they wouldn’t have to deal with censorship and having to edit and reupload. So now I’m not exactly sure if the SVSSS I “read” had any parts omitted, although I doubt it because that Chapter 80 scene was included. That person didn’t read the extras though, so I still don’t know what happened, excluding the bing ge bing mei chapters which I went and manually read with my eyeballs.

Anyway, the 2HA I was listening to was from a different person and she kept mentioning the possibility of omitted parts so I checked Jinjiang (the official site) and noticed that there were certain chapters that were locked. I was at Chapter 20 at this point and after hearing about this possible omission 20 times but not sensing any weird cut outs in the story, I looked up a locked chapter online and…let’s just say that I need some time to mentally prepare myself before I proceed further.
It was terrifying.
But I can’t just drop it because Chu Wan Ning has already taken residence in room #115 of my heart 🤭
I would like to say that even though I’ve taken on another BL novel, I’m totally not a fujoshi.
Although…I might have bought his cosplay in a moment of insanity.
#stillnoregrets #reallynotacoser
CHQY novel translation:
It’s been 4 months since the last chapter, what happened to 1 chapter every month? 🤨
Yes I know, I’m disappointed in myself too.
But in my defense, I’ve been working on it, and am currently halfway through Chapter 11.
It’s just…there’s many new titles and terms, and I have no idea how to go about translating them, if at all. There’s too many and I’m worried that putting them all in pinyin will confuse non-chinese readers but if I only do half of them, how do I decide which words are in pinyin and which words should get an english translation?
The headache is real.
I started on this translation with a really chill mindset and with no intention of completing it, but I just checked and the statistics are showing 200+ views for a chapter?!
It was like 5 views when I first started on Chapter 1! (For real)
I did the math and at my current pace, it’ll be five to six years before I complete 🤦‍♀️
I mean, I can’t make that many people wait that long right?!
Still no promises that I’ll finish translating the whole novel, but to facilitate quicker updates, I’ve decided that it’ll be better for me to ignore the little perfectionist in me and to translate the chapters off the top of my head.
Meaning, I’ll only look up the things I don’t know.
I know that sounds kind of silly, but currently, I look up even words I know, to see if there’s a better wording or phrasing. #itstiringtochaseperfection
We’ll see how this goes, whether updates are quicker, whether anyone complains about the translation quality.


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