Legend of Awakening (天醒之路): Introduction

~ Still in progress
~ There will be spoilers, at least up till Episode 18
~ I won’t be doing a per episode post but will update details as I watch


(Pending. Hehe)

About the Soul Force:
Even after a lifetime of training, it’s difficult to master all six souls. Those that are born with the unity of all six souls are very rare and are known as ‘Awakeners’.

The Six Soul Forces:
Vision (Chong 冲) – Nothing can escape their sight (Blue)
Sound (Ming 鸣) – The power to distinguish far away sounds (Gold/Orange)
Energy (Qi 气) – The ability to be light as air and move faster than an arrow (Teal)
Pivot (Shu 枢) – A sense of smell and taste that’s ten thousand times stronger than the average person, allowing them to distinguish all poisons and herbs (Green)
Strength (Li 力) – The power to move mountains and rivers (Red)
Essence (Jing 精) – Mind control, it’s the most mysterious (Purple)

Character Introductions
◊ Lead Characters:


First, we have Qin Sang (秦桑) portrayed by Cheng Xiao (程潇). She’s the young miss of the Qin family, an aristocratic military family. She’s a brave and righteous young lady who is constantly weighed down by her family’s honour and is determined to prove herself with her skills. She first mistakes a masked Lu Ping for a Shan Hai Gang member and hunts him down, later following him around to keep an eye on him. After a few near death experiences due to traps set up by Shan Hai Gang minions who were trying to kill Lu Ping, she starts to believe that he wasn’t one of them and slowly falls for him as she learns of his merits. (Vision ~ Soul splitting technique)


Next, we have Lu Ping (路平) portrayed by Arthur Chen aka Chen Fei Yu (陈飞宇). Thirteen years ago, his parents were killed by Shan Hai Gang and he was brought back to their icy lair. For ten years, he endured unimaginable torture, having his blood drained from his body etc. Three years ago, a masked man barged into the fortress and rescued him and his sister Su Tang but the gang soon caught up and they were left by themselves as the masked man held back the gang. After struggling halfway down the icy mountain, Lu Ping who had been weakened by his injuries was unable to carry Su Tang any further and he collapses on the snow where he was found by Guo You Dao who took him in as a disciple at Zhai Feng Institute. Despite his escape, he was still bound by the soul binding chains that Shan Hai Gang had put on him.
(Note to self: Soul confinement, sealed meridians that suppress his soul powers – Gold-Nail in head; Red-Tower; Blue-Soul Splitting)

◊ Main Characters:
Yan Xi Fan (燕西凡) – Zhai Feng Institute’s eldest disciple. A righteous young man, who having been scarred by his past experience of his friend dying to save his life, is unwilling to see anyone get hurt because of him. Tends to disregard any consequences to himself just to save the people he cares about. (Sound and Essence)

Su Tang (苏唐) – Lu Ping’s sister. Not blood-related but are very close because of the things they had gone through together (Strength and Vision)

Mo Lin (莫林) – Young master of the Mo family who are renowned for their medical expertise. Dreams of killing all evil doers in the world and becoming the number one assassin. He has the Soul of Pivot, which is useless when he’s trying to assassinate his target so he relies on various tools, gadgets and traps.

Ling Zi Yan (凌子嫣) – Qin Sang’s sword carrying maidservant who fell for Lu Ping and stepped forward to save him from Qin Sang’s “Glowing Dance” during their duel at the Force Combat Convention. Because the Qin family’s Glowing Dance technique was an inescapable secret skill/move that Qin Qi used to defeat their enemies, Zi Yan’s ability to avoid it posed a threat to the country’s safety. Without any verbal communication, Lu Ping and Qin Sang worked together to pull off a ruse which spared Zi Yan’s life. After that, Lu Ping settled Zi Yan at Tian Zhao Academy’s Sutra Repository (Energy and ?)

◊ Supporting Characters:
Guo You Dao – Master of Zhai Feng Institute. An eccentric man who hides his true powers.
Chu Min – A highly skilled master who resides in Tian Zhao Academy’s Sutra Repository (the library). Her hair is always unkept and she constantly drinks wine. We later find out that she’s actually Bei Dou Academy’s Yao Guang peak that has been missing for years.
(I connect with Chu Min on a spiritual level 😂)

◊ Side Characters:
Qin Qi – Qin Sang’s elder brother, the commanding general of Long Jie Army (Ep 1 ~)
Wen Ge Cheng – The original God of Bandits who saved Lu Ping and Su Tang. After being severely injured due to being outnumbered, he lost his powers but was saved by Qin Qi and has become his confidante ever since (Ep 1 ~)

♧ Bei Dou Academy (Has seven peaks, the leading martial arts academy)
Li Yao Tian – Master of Bei Dou Chamber (Ep 1 ~)
Guo Wu Shu – Guo You Dao’s younger twin brother and Bei Dou Academy’s Kai Yang peak

♧ Shan Hai Gang: (The Villains)
♠ Forest Division (Internal affairs)
Leader – ?
Lin Tian Yi (Ep 3 ~) – Lady in white fur
Xing Luo – Top Assassin (Ep 3~4)
Situ Luo – Was the one who killed Lu Ping’s parents & Yan Xi Fan’s friend (Ep 3 ~)
♠ Fire Division (Tracing)
Zhou You Long – Leader
♠ Wind Division (Information)
Wen Ge Cheng – Leader (~ Ep 14)
♠ Mountain Division (Experiments)

◊ Minor Characters: (In order of appearance)
Madam Jin (Jin Ru Yu) – The owner of Ru Yu Restaurant, seems to be in love with Guo You Dao, even faking being kidnapped to lure him to save her (Ep 1 ~)
Wei Tian Qi – Wei family’s young master. Chan State Academy’s first disciple. rash and full of himself. Obsessed with Qin Sang (Ep 2 ~)
? Xia Bo Jian – Master of Tian Zhao Academy (Ep 7 ~)
Luo Ting – Tian Zhao Academy’s head disciple (Ep 7 ~)


(People that have yet to appear, I’m currently at Ep 18)
Liu Song
Chai Rong – Emperor of Zhou?
Yan Jin
Lu Chen Feng
Shao Yin Chu
Leng Xiu Tan
Yan Qiu Ci
Mo Bu Liu – Mo Lin’s father?
Lei Ying
Xu Yan Ling
Xu Tian Bing
Feng Ling Sect’s leader
Chen Jiu
Xu Wan


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