CHQY Chapter 5: New Job Probation

“Who is Leng Sheng Yin?” Lei Lei asked the gongzi during breakfast the next day.

“Nan Hai faction’s new leader.”

“I heard that someone from Nan Hai faction attempted an assassination on Xi Sha faction’s Leader Wen last night. Is that true?”

The gongzi shot her a glance but stayed silent.

“Everyone knows that,” a servant who was at the side spoke rather disdainfully, “his father Leng Ying was killed by Wen Ting. To avenge their former leader, its a given that Nan Hai faction would get even with Wen Ting!”

The gongzi frowned: “Former Leader Leng’s death has yet to be confirmed. Besides, Leader Wen has always had a good reputation. Please refrain from spouting nonsense!”

Steward Zhao said: “That might not be the case. What kind of treasure is the Longevity Fruit? It’ll inevitably draw out people’s greed. Everyone was certain that Leng Ying had it, Wen Ting could have done it in a moment of folly. Not to mention that Leng Ying did indeed die from a strike used by Xi Sha faction.”

The gongzi said: “Former Leader Leng’s martial arts was on par with Leader Wen and Nan Hai faction uses the sword. How could Leader Wen have succeeded so easily.”

Steward Zhao sneered: “Gongzi has forgotten that Dong Shan faction’s Yan Wen Dao had also gone up the mountain with them. If he had also become greedy and joined hands with Wen Ting……”

The gongzi shook his head: “When the Longevity Fruit incident occurred, the leaders of the three major factions had arranged to meet at the peak of Hua Mountain to mutually explain and clear up any misunderstanding. Even if the Longevity Fruit was with Leng Ying, he wouldn’t have brought it with him. In a meeting with just the three of them and knowing that people will suspect him if he died, why would Leader Wen attack and kill Leng Ying so brazenly? Apart from incurring Nan Hai faction’s hatred, there is no other benefit. There are many suspicious points in this matter. We should wait for Brother He and the rest to finish their investigations before dealing with it.”

After hearing that Xi Sha faction’s leader had killed Nan Hai faction’s previous leader, Lei Lei had understood the cause of the enmity between the two factions. She had initially felt happy because as expected, where there was an enemy responsible for killing one’s father, there was a beautiful daughter. But now, there was more drama within the drama. Pity that good looking couple, they’ve been used by the fellow in the R&D department to verify the laws of love in Jianghu.

She was still baffled about the whole affair with the Longevity Fruit but it wasn’t good for her to ask too many questions so she mumbled to herself: “Didn’t those people already say that on the night of the first day of New Year, the Longevity Fruit will be auctioned at Bi Shui City?”

Steward Zhao said: “Since the Longevity Fruit has now been revealed, we can see that Leng Ying had indeed suffered injustice back then.”

Everyone was silent.

Lei Lei sighed, everyone said that you have the treasure but it ended up in someone else’s hands. Former Leader Leng, you’ve died an unjust death.

The gongzi said: “I’m afraid that Brother He and the others have already received the news. We’ll return to the manor for now.”

Steward Zhao nodded and said: “I’ve heard that both Chuan Qi Valley and Qian Yue Cave have sent their men to investigate the Longevity Fruit’s whereabouts. Regardless of whether that is true or false, the Longevity Fruit must not fall into the hands of the evil factions.”

The gongzi said coldly: “Something as trivial as a Longevity Fruit has caused the three major factions to fall out. This is more than enough to show that greed will harm people. That person deliberately released news of the Longevity Fruit auction. When the time comes and all the top-tier men gather at Bi Shui city, the fight for the Longevity Fruit will inevitably lead to a disaster. I’m worried that this is another of Shang Guan Qiu Yue’s schemes.”

“Shang Guan Qiu Yue!” Lei Lei dropped her chopsticks and exclaimed.

The gongzi looked at her.

Lei Lei regained her composure: “Who is Shang Guan Qiu Yue?”

Everyone was surprised. From her expression, it didn’t seem like she was pretending so they began to have more faith in her memory loss. Steward Zhao said coldly: “Who else can it be? Qian Yue Cave’s Leader!” His tone was rather aggrieved and indignant.

Lei Lei quickly asked: “What is Qian Yue Cave?”

The gongzi let out a disapproving ‘hmph!’: “Evil faction!” his grip tightened around the blade in his hand.

That’s right, how can Jianghu not have evil factions. This body is called “Chun Hua (Spring Flowers)” and now that there’s a “Qiu Yue (Autumn Moon)”, following the principles of naming, the both of them could be relatives, possibly sisters? Sigh, spring flower and autumn moon. It’s quite tacky but there’s now hope of unlocking the mystery behind her identity. In any case, she’d be able to reconcile with a relative!

Lei Lei’s eyes brimmed with tears of excitement as she said repeatedly: “That’s great, that’s great!”

Qiu Yue, wait for Chun Hua to find you!


“You!” The dishes on the table jumped from the vibration caused by the palm strike, finally pulling Lei Lei back to reality. It was only then that she realised that everyone was glaring at her, their gazes looking like it could kill someone.

Steward Zhao was angered to the point that his beard was quivering and his voice trembled as he spoke: “The women from Qian Yue Cave are shameless, creating havoc in Jianghu and stirring up trouble. The Old Master had died precisely because of their treacherous schemes but you’re now……” he was unable to continue.

The gongzi’s complexion was ghastly: “You’re unable to differentiate between good and evil!”

As she was subjected to the criticisms, Lei Lei gradually became clear-headed.

That’s right, Shang Guan Qiu Yue is Qian Yue Cave’s master. If Chun Hua was really her sister, she should have a high status. Why would she go to such a remote place like Gu Yan Village alone, even attempting suicide? Since Qian Yue Cave was an evil faction, there were many instances where they disregarded blood ties and killed one another. Did they have a good relationship? Could Chun Hua have been chased by Qiu Yue and had her martial arts disabled……

Thinking of these TV drama plots, Lei Lei started to become afraid and immediately started to fawn on her human amulet. With a solemn look: “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I have amnesia! The evil factions are actually so bad? We must avenge the Old Master!”

The gongzi’s expression softened.

Lei Lei sighed inwardly, not daring to ask any more questions. “Xiao Bai” truly hated evil. It turns out that his father had also been harmed by Shang Guan Qiu Yue. He was a very vigilant person. Before she could ensure her safety, she must not let him see that she was related to this major evil.

Seeing that she was relatively open to criticisms, Steward Zhao’s impression of her improved a lot: “The carriage is ready, let’s get on our way.”

The gongzi rose to his feet.

After watching Lei Lei and the others walk out of the inn, two inconspicuous men at the corner glanced at each other before getting up and leaving.


Faint sounds of water, white marble railings, snow white curtains. A tall figure in white stood with hands clasped behind his back. A white jade hairpin, a beautifully smooth and round pearl embedded at the top. Loose black hair swayed with the breeze, the black and white forming a sharp contrast. There was practically no other colour. Just like the frosty valley of ice and snow that was opposite the deep ravine, it was out of this world and elegant, without the least scent of smoke and fire[1].

A lady dressed in white walked onto the platform and respectfully said: “Your honour, I have news to report.”

He turned around.

Face as perfect as his disposition, eyes brilliant like the stars yet gaze gentle like flowing water and light breeze[2], bearing bewitching hints of a smile. Coupled with his icy disposition, the cold and warmth intertwine, revealing an aura that was mysteriously devilish.

“You’ve found the traitor?”

“That…not yet.”

He remained silent as he slowly walked towards her.

The lady in white was very frightened and hurriedly said: “Even though I’ve yet to find her, I’ve learned of another important matter.”

His footsteps halted.

The lady in white promptly stepped forward and spoke a few words in a low voice before returning to her original spot.

Sure enough, he was surprised: “That girl is still alive?”

The lady in white replied: “It is true, the servants saw it with their own eyes. She is with Xiao Bai and they are probably returning to Bai Sheng Manor. Leader, since she is still alive, please instruct if there is no need to search any further?”


“So it really was her,” he turned around again, gazing at the opposing ice valley. His laughter seemed like it would melt that eternal piece of ice and snow, “She dare play tricks. That’s odd. Since she has already tricked us and fled, why did she return? Should I say that she’s smart or stupid?”


High courtyard walls, clean stone steps. Above the door was an age-old tablet engraved with three large characters “Bai Sheng Manor” in black ink. Positioned on both sides were antithetical couplets that read “A strong sense of justice and chivalry that’s clear as the sun and moon even after innumerable ages. When a single Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword sounds, Bai Sheng brings order to Jianghu.”. She hadn’t realised that the manor already had a few hundred years of history. It was after Xiao Sheng, the Xiao family ancestor at that time, had aided the 352nd Chief in calming Jianghu, when the Chief had personally inscribed these panels as a show of his praise and to commend his righteousness. It also served as a caution for future generations, that they must remember to uphold justice. From then on, all descendants with the Xiao family name have regarded maintaining stability in Jianghu as their duty. They’ve never let anyone down before. Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword was renowned in the whole realm and was unparalleled.

Two servants were chatting by the door when they saw the carriage and immediately ushered everyone in with joyful expressions.

Stepping past the door, there was a huge courtyard that faced the reception hall. It couldn’t be considered magnificent, with its tables, chairs, doors and windows being of simple designs. Everything was spotless. Passing the winding corridor, there’s a side entrance that leads straight to the back garden.

The garden had few flowers and plants, consisting mostly of trees. As it was still early autumn, everything was lush and green. It was obvious that the clean ground had just been swept but there were already a few fallen leaves scattered around. Occasionally, she ran into servants or servant girls that greeted her. Weary from the last few days of travel and suddenly seeing so many smiling faces and hearing so many kind greetings, Lei Lei felt extremely comforted and her mood improved.

After a bath and a short rest, the gongzi gathered the few people in charge of running the manor’s affairs to the small hall and began to ask about matters during his absence. One by one, they reported back to him.

Hearing that Chief He and Qin Liu Feng had gone to investigate Jia Kong City, the gongzi was in a dilemma as he looked at Lei Lei: “Your situation……”

Lei Lei had changed into a clean set of servant girl clothing and shook her head like a rattle-drum when she heard this: “Nevermind, it’s alright. Jianghu affairs are important. The common people are important. My situation can wait till Chief He returns. I can’t remember anything anyway.”

The gongzi had left home on a journey and returned with a lady. All the servants were talking about it and it didn’t ease up until Steward Zhao briefly explained the situation. A delicate and amnesiac girl who was being chased by killers. Everyone was sympathetic. At this moment, seeing her take the big picture into consideration, they hurried to offer her words of comfort: “Guniang can be rest assured that no one would dare to find trouble at Bai Sheng Manor.”

The gongzi also nodded: “You can stay here with peace of mind.”

Lei Lei wasn’t really someone that lacked integrity. The story she had fabricated about being chased was just a spur of the moment thing so that she could leech off of him for some free food. Now that she might have to stay here for a period of time before her identity is made clear, it’s not a long-term solution to freeload while keeping an eye on people’s mood. Besides, she had just arrived and wanted to leave a good impression so she quickly replied: “How can I eat and live here for free, I can help out with things.”

She was his guest, the gongzi hesitated: “This……”

Lei Lei said: “I have nothing to do anyways, do you need a maidservant to attend to you?” best if it’s a personal maidservant.

No one knew of her intentions so everyone had expressions of praise on their faces. She’s such a sensible girl.

“Gongzi doesn’t need a maidservant,” a plump aunty scrutinised her for a moment before suddenly exclaiming with delight, “Hey, has gongzi realised that she looks like someone?”

The gongzi looked at her thoughtfully: “There are some similarities.”

Resemble which beauty? Lei Lei smiled calmly. Look, the melodramatic part is coming!

Sure enough, the aunty was soon in front of her, pulling up both her hands and spinning her a few rounds, getting increasingly excited: “She’s really like Xiao Cui who used to work in our kitchen!”

Lei Lei finally understood the meaning of being thunderstruck. Her smile became strange: “Really?……”

“She was quick on her hands and feet but had gotten married early. I think this one isn’t too bad either. We just so happen to need another pair of hands in the kitchen. Why don’t you follow me and help out?” The aunty released her, “However, Xiao Cui that girl was full of life and looked better.”

The gongzi looked at her hands: “These manual chores, you……”

What good is there with being too beautiful? The very beautiful ones always end up in the supporting roles. The most important thing for a transmigration female lead is personality, personality! Lei Lei comforted herself, deciding to keep up her good image. She immediately replied: “It’s alright, I can do it.”

Seeing her persistence, the gongzi could only consent: “When you’re free, you can follow Aunty Hong to help out in the kitchen.”

Lei Lei lowered her head, inwardly exclaiming, Xiao Bai Xiao Cui Aunty Hong, married a wife named Chun Hua, Bai Sheng Manor was colourful[3] indeed.


One time, two times……

It was early in the morning and Lei Lei was fretting as she faced a pile of wood. She had overestimated herself. No, she had overestimated this body’s capability. She used to be quite strong, having no problem with running around while carrying a box, but this body was very delicate. The pale and fair skin seemed like it could get cut by just a blow or flick, and didn’t have much strength. How was she to do this kind of rough work? Besides, she had never used an axe and didn’t know the right way to use it, leaving her with a sore waist when she hadn’t even chopped a single piece. Her hands were also red and would probably start to blister if she continued.

There were many men in the manor, why did they ask a lady to chop firewood? Really.

Grumbling, she picked up the axe again. Aunty Hong had instructed that these firewood needed to be ready before noon as they’ll be needed for the rest of the day. She mustn’t leave a bad impression when she’d just started work.

Just as she was about to endure the pain and continue chopping, something flashed in front of her eyes.

The usual blue and white robes, appearing confident and at ease but also seeming too mature. Wind blew at the long hair, hands half hidden under the wide sleeves, left hand holding the black sword.

After being here for just one day, Lei Lei had already found out everything about “Xiao Bai”. His mother had died of an illness a long time ago. Five years ago, his father Xiao Yuan had fallen victim to Qian Yue Cave’s Shang Guan Qiu Yue’s scheme, dying of poison. At the age of nineteen, he became Bai Sheng Manor’s young master. Perhaps due to his usual attire that was too formal and his excessively prudent words and actions, it’s unthinkable that he was only twenty-four years old.

There was a large bamboo forest within the manor’s premises and seeing the gongzi enter the forest, Lei Lei snapped out of her thoughts and immediately dropped the axe, following him.

At a clearing in the forest, the gongzi stopped.

Lei Lei did not dare to approach him, only looking on from a distance.

In actuality, the gongzi had never deliberately avoided people whenever he practiced his sword. The Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword was a strange and difficult thing to learn. Without the xinfa, regardless of how many times you read it, you can dream about learning even one move. Everyone in the manor had long gotten used to it. In their eyes, Lei Lei’s act of peeping, expressed in modern language, would actually be “bumpkin”. Of course, every person who first entered the manor will inevitably act like a “bumpkin” once.

His perfect side profile was expressionless, sword in his right hand as he stood there silently. However, in a split second, a strong aura of death had already begun to spread rapidly. The surrounding green bamboo moved despite the lack of wind and the blue and white sleeves fluttered.

Amidst the falling leaves, a clap sounded and a pole of bamboo broke inexplicably.

At the same time, the long sword was unsheathed and the sound as it cut through the air was clear like a phoenix’s cry.

As the sword flashed, bits of bamboo flew everywhere.

After a single move, the bamboo had become numerous pieces scattered on the ground.

The gongzi frowned, as if he were dissatisfied. After a moment of thought, he repeated the move.

Such exceptional kung fu actually exists in this world! Lei Lei was filled with amazement. Receiving a stroke of inspiration, she turned around and ran back.


The gongzi assessed his swordsmanship thoughtfully, mulling over how he could improve. Suddenly, he sees Lei Lei panting as she ran while shouldering, carrying and dragging a few large logs of firewood. He immediately sheathed his sword and looked at her in confusion.

Lei Lei threw the firewood on the floor, brushed out her clothes and slowly circled him twice before raising her head to stare straight into his eyes. With a serious expression, she said: “You have very good swordsmanship.”

Flustered by her gaze, the gongzi nodded politely.

Lei Lei smiled grimly: “It’s easy to cut bamboo. Can you chop all these logs of wood into eight pieces with just one move?” Gesturing with her hands: “There are five logs of wood here. Cut it like that, use the move you did just now.”

The gongzi stood dazed for a moment, his brows furrowed. During his many years of practicing his swordsmanship, he had only tried this move on bamboo. This single move that consisted of fifty-nine segments was the fastest and he was doubtful if he would be able to achieve perfect results. Not to mention that the other party had strict restrictions on the cutting method. In order to fully discover his potential, he expressed his willingness to try, nodding: “I’ll give it a try.”

Lei Lei retreated to the side.

The gongzi concentrated on the sword’s point, striking abruptly.

An arc of light swept across the sky and all the wood on the ground flew into the sky. Then he disappeared, leaving only the sword’s glint and his shadow. The single sword seemed to become more than ten swords and the clear sound rang again. It must have been produced by the sword.

“Pah Pah[4]”, the sound of wood colliding in mid-air rang non-stop.

In a split moment, all the swords were back to being a single sword, pointing to the ground at an angle. He appeared in front of her again, hair slightly dishevelled, expression calm and relaxed, as if he hadn’t moved at all.

The firewood fell one after another.

The gongzi was visibly satisfied with the results, looking at Lei Lei: “A total of forty pieces.”

Forty pieces, with each piece chopped as per the requirement. That’s too amazing! Lei Lei immediately clapped her claws and exclaimed: “Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword lives up to its name indeed! It’s a well-deserved reputation!”

The gongzi sheathed his sword, speaking rather apologetically: “These wood……”

“Nevermind, it’s alright. I’ll clean it up!”

“Thank you for your trouble.”

“It’s no trouble, not at all. You must practice hard!” Lei Lei said repeatedly as she bent over to collect the chopped firewood into a pile before carrying some in her hands and breaking into a run.

Author’s note:
I had originally intended to write about a man in red clothing as per a friend’s suggestion but after some thought, for a Tian Lei writing, a man is white clothing is better.

1. aka cooking
2. Used to describe tranquility
3. Lei Lei says this because their names are all colours:
Xiao Bai (Bai = White)
Xiao Cui (Cui = Bluish-green)
Aunty Hong (Hong = Red)

4. English equivalents would be ‘bang’, ‘pop’ or ‘pow’ but none sound right for the sound of colliding wood so…‘pah’ it is.

Nutmeg’s note:
So. many. descriptive words in this chapter. First it was Qian Yue Cave, then Qiu Yue, then Feng Ming Manor, then the garden, then Xiao Bai, then the bamboo cutting scene… *phew* those are the most nightmarish to translate…hopefully we’ll be done with those for the time being.

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