Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 37

~ Qiu Yue kills Chief Leng & Xiao Bai injures Qiu Yue ~


Chun Hua meets up with Qiu Yue at the shop she had previously chosen a matching pair of jade pendants. Qiu Yue tells her that he had gotten the shop owner to carve their names on the pendants and paid him but the owner refused to let him leave. It turns out that Qiu Yue had paid the owner such a large sum that he didn’t have any change and because he was running a legitimate business, he refused to keep the change. Chun Hua easily resolves this by paying for the pendants and taking Qiu Yue’s money.

They then leave the shop, with Chun Hua pulling a grinning Qiu Yue to a more secluded area. Qiu Yue happily tied the pendant on Chun Hua’s belt and when she tried to return his money, he tells her that his money was also hers. A sudden thought then came to Chun Hua and she questioned Qiu Yue as to where he had gotten such a large sum of money – Had he stolen it? When he replied that he had borrowed it from a friend who was worried that he wouldn’t continue to help him if he refused, Chun Hua assumed that the ‘friend’ was Mr Shi, bombarding Qiu Yue with more questions – Pu Er is Mr Shi? Why did he settle on the deadline of three days to bring her back to Qian Yue Cave? (Pu Er’s feast was also in three days) Qiu Yue doesn’t answer her questions, only taking another look at the mark on her palm before correcting her – There was two days left, he would bring her back when everything was settled. Qiu Yue promptly left after telling her to go to the forest if she wanted to see him, reminding her that as long as he was alive, he wouldn’t let her die. Deep in her thoughts, Chun Hua asked him to bring her back right now but she looked up only to see that she was alone.

When Chun Hua returned to Feng Ming Manor, Xiao Bai was already waiting for her. She tried to push aside Xiao Bai’s concern by telling him that she didn’t want to hinder his responsibility of protecting Jianghu and that even though Qiu Yue wasn’t the one who poisoned her, he had something to do with it so she couldn’t stand on Feng Ming Manor’s side to defeat Qiu Yue. Xiao Bai remained resolute, reminding her that she had once told him that she liked him, promising to protect both her and Jianghu.

Chun Hua then returned to her room but as she lay in bed, her worry for Qiu Yue’s safety overwhelmed her and she decided that she had to warn him. Worried that she would arouse suspicion if she left the Manor alone again, she invited Cai Cai and Leng Ning to visit a teahouse with her – Just them girls, no Liu Feng, and especially no Xiao Bai. They went to the teahouse owned by Li Yu’s mother and there, Chun Hua fakes a stomachache and excuses herself, bribing the lady boss to help her delay her ‘love rivals’, Cai Cai and Leng Ning, while she met with her ‘lover’.

Taking occasional glances at her Ice Silkworm Pearl, Chun Hua went to the forest Qiu Yue had told her about. When Qiu Yue appeared, an involuntary smile slipped past her lips before she quickly stilled her expression. Chun Hua then warned Qiu Yue that they were all looking for him, asking that he left immediately but in the next moment, Chief Leng appeared with his sword pointed right at Qiu Yue. Qiu Yue easily deflects the attack but immediately turned to Chun Hua unhappily. Refuting Chun Hua’s comment that he didn’t trust her, Qiu Yue told her that he was angry because she had been foolish and led Chief Leng to where he was.

When Chief Leng’s first words were to ask about the Longevity Fruit, Qiu Yue exposes the bad things he had done to get the Fruit. Chief Leng and Chief Feng both wanted the Longevity Fruit but Chief Leng decided to take a shortcut and made a deal with Mr Shi – In exchange for his help at the Longevity Fruit auction, he would get the Pu Gong Ying poison. He then used Pu Gong Ying to get rid of his rival, Chief Feng and left his body in the wilderness. Mr Shi had wanted to punish Chief Leng with the coffin that Qiu Yue had provided but Chief Leng had ruthlessly lured Liu Feng and the rest there to get rid of them, even though his own daughter was among them. However, Xiao Bai was the one who opened the hidden chamber and Chief Leng escaped punishment but Cai Cai got poisoned. Later, sensing that Fu Lou had caught on to what he had done, he silenced Fu Lou, indirectly causing You Si’s death. Chief Leng denied everything and attacked Qiu Yue but Qiu Yue grasped his sword and flipped it around, plunging it into his chest.

Meanwhile, back at Feng Ming Manor, Liu Feng tells Xiao Bai that Chun Hua had met up with Qiu Yue. Cai Cai and Leng Ning had gotten suspicious when Chun Hua suddenly invited them for tea so they had given Liu Feng a heads up before they left. Liu Feng had then followed them secretly and saw Chun Hua sneak out of the teahouse to meet with Qiu Yue at the forest. Xiao Bai immmediately headed for the forest, with Liu Feng following close behind.

CHQY 37-1
QY: “How many people have you led here.”

They arrive at the forest only to see that Qiu Yue had stabbed Chief Leng through the heart. With a shout for him to release Chief Leng at once, Xiao Bai used his Feng Ming Sword’s last move, severely injuring Qiu Yue. With a hard look in his eyes, Qiu Yue asked Chun Hua how many people she had led to him. Chief Leng soon passed away and as Xiao Bai and Liu Feng advanced towards Qiu Yue, he removed his hairstick and threw it towards her. As Chun Hua hurriedly retrieved the hairstick, Xiao Bai and Liu Feng lunged towards a weakened Qiu Yue but they were interrupted by Ye Xing Zhu who quickly took Qiu Yue to safety. Chun Hua tries to run after Qiu Yue but she trips and her Bai Hua Calamity flares up so she soon fell unconscious. Xiao Bai and Liu Feng hurried towards her and realising that her mark had darkened, Liu Feng reveals to Xiao Bai that Chun Hua’s poison was a ‘love poison’ that would spread whenever she felt affection. Xiao Bai was taken aback but quickly shifts his focus back to the task at hand, instructing Liu Feng to keep Chief Leng’s situation a secret from Cai Cai and Leng Ning, before carrying Chun Hua back to the Manor.

CHQY 37-2
( Giving CH one last look before leaving with Gu Xing Zhu )

Later, Xiao Bai and Liu Feng approached Chun Hua at the pavilion but she was still angry at them for making use of Qiu Yue’s trust towards her so Liu Feng left to give them some time alone. Xiao Bai immediately took responsibility for what had happened and Chun Hua asked whether he knew the story behind the nameless alter his ancestor had set up – Xiao Bai only knew that Nan Xing He and his ancestor were sworn brothers. Chun Hua then questioned whether she would be next, as someone whose death he felt guilty about but was also certain that the sacrifice was necessary. Xiao Bai refutes this, telling her that Nan Xing He had killed many and she was different, adding that along one path, only one person can walk at the front. For the sake of peace in Jianghu, a choice had to be made. Chun Hua then realised that Xiao Bai had known all along, that it wasn’t really about good or evil, Nan Xing He and Qiu Yue had to die (because Jianghu could only have one leader).

Xiao Bai denied this, explaining that he hadn’t meant to injure Qiu Yue but Chief Leng’s unexpected arrival had forced his hand, adding that if he were to have a showdown with Qiu Yue, it would be done openly. Chun Hua didn’t believe him because Qiu Yue’s injuries were severe and Xiao Bai further explained that he wouldn’t kill Qiu Yue because the antidote for her poison was still with him. Confessing that he liked her and wanted her to live on, he promised to help her get rid of the poison no matter what.


Ohhh…k so I was overthinking everything and it was indeed Qiu Yue who had sent the little boy. I guess the situation is more serious than I had initially thought, that Qiu Yue who had always came and went as he pleased had to actually be careful this time round.
Random Qiu Yue pic just because ~

( This pic breaks my heart… )

Also, is there only one teahouse in the whole city? They always go to the same one 😂

An adult finally made an appearance…then died. So now the only adult left is Chief Qin…*facepalms*

Chun Hua…I don’t know what to say.
1) Qiu Yue would have been totally fine, how else would he have survived in Jianghu? She just haaad to go warn him, as if he didn’t already know that they were all looking for him. Qiu Yue knows everything, remember? Episode 34? – Qiu Yue revealed his knowledge about Liu Feng’s location and Chun Hua was angry that he seemed to know everything?
2) Qiu Yue had previously (Episode 33) told Chun Hua that Nan Xing He only wanted to live a carefree life and ‘evil sect’ was only a title given to the sects that refused to follow the good sect’s leader but Chun Hua replied that Nan Xing He was really powerful and Jianghu would’ve been in danger if he couldn’t be controlled. So why is she freaking out on Xiao Bai for implying that Nan Xing He and Qiu Yue had to die because Jianghu could only have one leader?

My computer is fixed! 🥳
Also, I literally spent a total of 8 hours to edit the cover photos for this and the previous post…I’m just really bad at tech. Heh.

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  1. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for these recaps. I read every one!! The subtitles are incoherent at times so I love to read your recaps for clarity. Your hard work is so appreciated!


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