Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 23

~ Chun Hua returns to Feng Ming Manor and clears up the misunderstanding with Xiao Bai ~


Qiu Yue replied that he had no use for her, he had previously asked her to steal the Xin Fa because he had mistaken her for Hua Xiao Lei. Later, Xiao Bai had learned the Feng Ming Sword’s last move so he had no use for the Xin Fa anymore. Now, he just wanted to protect her, telling her that Xiao Bai was after her life and that she’ll die if he let her go. Chun Hua was resolute, saying that she trusted Xiao Bai – I want true love, Xiao Bai is the person I set my mind on at first glance. Frustrated, Qiu Yue told her that there were many roads in life, why does she insist on taking the wrong one? Chun Hua removes her Ice Silkworm Pearl bracelet and holds it out to him, pleading for him to give her a way out. Qiu Yue focuses on the bracelet instead, reminding her about how she had always called on him, always relied on him. Chun Hua thanked him for protecting her thus far but insisted that she wasn’t a child anymore and would have to walk her own path. Qiu Yue caressed her face with a sad smile, commenting that she was all grown up and with a wave of his hand, he broke the Ice Silkworm Thread and instructed Ye Xing Zhu to send her off. With tears in her eyes, Chun Hua carefully placed the bracelet on the table before leaving.

CHQY 23-1
( When Qiu Yue finally agreed to let her return to Feng Ming Manor )

Ye Xing Zhu reports back to Qiu Yue after sending Chun Hua off. Qiu Yue then inquired about You Si’s condition and after hearing that she was in a critical condition, instructed Ye Xing Zhu to spread the news of You Si’s existence and of her importance to Fu Lou.

Chun Hua arrives back at Feng Ming Manor and upon receiving this news, Xiao Bai went to her room to see her. Initially, Chun Hua had a cold attitude towards him because she was still under the impression that he wanted to kill her. It didn’t help that Xiao Bai’s first question was to ask if what Qiu Yue had said (about the affair) was true. Chun Hua angrily admits to everything and when she saw his grip tighten around his sword, she mockingly asked if he was going to kill her – he had sent a spy to kill her after all. Xiao Bai was confused at this, telling her that he had been very worried, pouring out everything he had withheld – asking whether Qiu Yue had threatened her and confirming that Qiu Yue didn’t get the Xin Fa even though he had given it to her. After that, he apologised for not realising sooner that she was being threatened.

Meanwhile, Cai Cai and Leng Ning play a string game while discussing Chun Hua’s return. Leng Ning’s view was that Chun Hua must be connected to Qiu Yue and that her return must be one of his schemes, bringing up the time where Cai Cai had been poisoned and after Chun Hua came back with the antidote, it was suddenly everywhere. Cai Cai insisted that whatever the case, Chun Hua had saved her afterall. She tells Leng Ning to leave all matters regarding Chun Hua for Xiao Bai to decide.

Liu Feng waits anxiously in the main hall for Xiao Bai to finish his chat with Chun Hua. Xiao Bai soon returns and in the following discussion, he tells Liu Feng that Chun Hua didn’t betray Feng Ming Manor, adding that he didn’t think that Chun Hua had an affair with Qiu Yue. The Pu Gong Ying poison was brought up again and Xiao Bai comments that if the antidote really came from Qian Yue Cave and was made from the Longevity Fruit’s leaves, Qiu Yue must be interested in the Longevity Fruit too. Xiao Bai then tells Liu Feng about Ling Yang’s assassination attempt and Liu Feng deduced that since Ling Yang only took orders from Chief Leng, he must have defied Chief Leng’s orders and acted of his own accord.

Later, Chun Hua walks in on the four youngsters discussing the Longevity Fruit. She quickly excuses herself and Liu Feng runs after her, telling her not to overthink things because she was still Xiao Bai’s wife, it was just a matter of time. He adds that she wasn’t like any other normal wife because she needed to take on more responsibility and will have to make sacrifices.

Back at Chuan Qi Valley, after Fu Lou fed You Si her medicine (or it could just be soup, I don’t know), she tells him not to worry. Her complexion wasn’t good because she hadn’t put on rouge that day. Fu Lou lovingly tells her that it wasn’t true, she was still very pretty. He then left the room to let her rest but stood outside her closed door as he pondered his situation. He wished for and asserted that the Longevity Fruit must be real, it has to be. Tears welled up in his eyes as he muttered to himself, saying that he didn’t wish for Longevity, but a slightly longer time shouldn’t be too much to ask for.

Back at Qian Yue Cave, Ye Xing Zhu tells Qiu Yue that news of Chun Hua’s return to Feng Ming Manor hasn’t spread. When Qiu Yue got angry, asking if they had protected her too well or if they had been fooled, she immediately falls to her knees and Qiu Yue sternly orders her to stand. Now that everyone knows about You Si, Qiu Yue proceeds to the next part of his plan. He wanted to make things fun and see what the people who wanted the Longevity Fruit would be willing to do in exchange for it so Ye Xing Zhu suggested a ‘Book of Sins’, whereby the people would have to confess and reveal their sins. The biggest sinner would get the Longevity Fruit if he promised to do good from then on.

News of the ‘Book of Sins’ reach Feng Ming Manor and Xiao Bai discusses it with Liu Feng. They had with great difficulty, managed to make everyone believe that the Longevity Fruit was with Chun Hua at Qian Yue Cave, finally restoring some form of peace to Feng Ming Manor. But everyone came knocking again because Mr Shi had announced that morning that after seeing what had happened at the auction, he didn’t want to be involved any longer and requested that Feng Ming Manor publicly destroyed the Longevity Fruit to end people’s greed. In addition, Mr Shi also announced a ‘Book of Sins’, with the principle that someone evil will come forward and confess to their wrongdoings, after which they would get the Longevity Fruit and stop their evil ways from then on.

Cai Cai and Leng Ning soon join the discussion, with Leng Ning agreeing that the Longevity Fruit should’ve been destroyed long ago. Cai Cai comments that the two biggest evil are Qian Yue Cave’s Qiu Yue and Chuan Qi Valley’s Fu Lou. If Fu Lou confessed to her father’s murder, she will get to know the details of what had happened to him but it would also mean that he had died tragically. However, for the righteous cause, she was willing to put aside her personal grudge. Chun Hua joins in the conversation, disagreeing with their point of view and explaining why Fu Lou would still jump in even if he knew it was a ruse. Leng Ning then points out the fact that the news about the ‘Book of Sins’ and You Si was a little too timely. With a hand on her shoulder, Liu Feng tells Leng Ning that Mr Shi’s sincerity doesn’t compare to his devotion towards her[☆].

Back in her room, Chun Hua paces back and forth worriedly because she hadn’t managed to dissuade her four friends. She suddenly remembers the Ice Silkworm Pearl and looks at her wrist only to find that it wasn’t there anymore. Suddenly, she was unable to move when someone locked her acupuncture points. She heard Qiu Yue’s voice asking whether she was happy to be back and if it was because of Xiao Bai that she didn’t act frivolously with him anymore. He then undid the lock, telling her that from their last interaction, he had thought that she didn’t want to see him anymore but he was just passing by when he saw her looking for the pearl. Lamenting that she only thought of him in desperate moments, he puts on the pearl bracelet for her, telling her that she won’t get to see him anymore if she returned it to him again. Chun Hua then asked him to bring her to Chuan Qi Valley and he told her that he didn’t usually do kind deeds but since it was her request, he agreed to it. On the journey to Chuan Qi Valley, they walked hand in hand as they chatted. Chun Hua tells Qiu Yue that she liked You Si because she was a good person, adding that maybe Fu Lou and You Si’s romance was the kind of love she had given up her immortality for. Qiu Yue instead told her that there was nothing good about being soft hearted because sooner or later, she will be the cause of Fu Lou’s death. Then Chun Hua tells him not to hurt Fu Lou and You Si and he tells her that they would’ve been dead a long time ago if he really wanted them dead. Besides, Fu Lou mustn’t die by his hand. Chun Hua misses what he meant and is reassured that he won’t kill Fu Lou because he will end up with another group of enemy. Qiu Yue tells her that he wasn’t scared to have many enemies and that Fu Lou was easy to kill because he already knew his weakness. When Chun Hua comments that he didn’t have any weakness, Qiu Yue tells her that he did, tapping her nose with a finger – “I do, my weakness is you. Be more careful next time.”

Upon arriving at Chuan Qi Valley, Fu Lou attacked them with his staff but Qiu Yue blocked it. Initially, Fu Lou didn’t believe that they were there to help him but Qiu Yue tells him that for his sister’s sake, he had managed to squeeze out a little kindness. Fu Lou didn’t think that Chun Hua could be of any help since she didn’t have the Longevity Fruit anymore but Qiu Yue tells him that he could trade Chun Hua for the Longevity Fruit, she was Xiao Bai’s fiancee afterall. Chun Hua was slightly bewildered when she heard this, whispering to him with a sideways glare that he had thought everything through. Qiu Yue smiled, telling her that it was all for her.


They didn’t suspect Chief Leng! At all!
LF: “Ling Yang only takes orders from Chief Leng”
Me: “Uh huh, you’re getting close, go on.”
LF: “Ling Yang must have acted on his own”
Me: *reaches into screen to slap some sense into him*

[☆] Liu Feng, such a serious point in time and you’re still in the mood to flirt with Leng Ning…serves you right to be rejected.

Chun Hua! What happened to finding your own path? Not one day since you’ve left and you’re calling on Qiu Yue again. (not that I’m complaining)
When it comes to Chun Hua, Qiu Yue always appears at such an opportune time. Does anyone believe him when he said that he was just passing through? Because I don’t 😂

What did Qiu Yue mean when he said that Fu Lou can’t die by his hand?…I feel like it’s a clue…there must be a reason why he can’t kill Fu Lou personally and it’s definitely not because he’s physically unable to. I didn’t mention this above but when Qiu Yue threw Fu Lou’s staff back at him, he was surprised at Qiu Yue’s internal energy.

I just remembered that in Episode 13, Qiu Yue had resolved to make Chun Hua useful…so they were all making use of Chun Hua? Feng Ming Manor took advantage of her being kidnapped to Qian Yue Cave to divert people there (so the whole conversation that Fu Lou had eavesdropped on in Episode 21 was staged?!) and Qiu Yue took advantage of her feelings towards You Si to…get rid of Fu Lou? We’ll have to wait and see.

Also, ‘Book of Sins’ is my own interpretation of it. The actual words are:
罪己 – to take responsibility / blame
书 – book

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